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September 16, 2019

Kitty Party One Minute Games

Bollywood Paper Party Game: Ladies Kitty Party

Bollywood is one of the best interesting kitty party themes and today I am sharing one interesting Bollywood Paper Party Game in Hindi. This is a one minute party game and the challenge is to find out the names of Bollywood actresses’ names in the given Hindi sentences. Bollywood Paper Party Game in Hindi.  All you […]

Indian ladies kitty party game: Musical Maza

Today I am sharing an interesting musical paper game for ladies kitty party, Musical Mazaa. It is best suitable for any age group of Indian ladies. Indian ladies kitty party game Things Required Game sheet Pens How to play this Indian ladies kitty party game: Give one game sheet to everyone in your kitty party. The […]

Perfect Written Holi Party Game

Perfect Written Holi Party Game: Kitty Party Games

While thinking of some written holi party game, this idea came in my mind to make a game with rhyming words. As always I have been getting many messages and emails from my readers to share some paper party games for Holi kitty party, so here is a perfect written Holi party game for your […]

best holi kitty party game

Dil ki baat Rango Ke Saath: Best Holi Kitty Party Game

This is by far the best holi kitty party game in the category of written one-minute games. This can be played with any age group of ladies and can be played in any language, may it be Hindi or English whatever suits your members. Best Holi Kitty Party Game   इस गेम मे आपको अपने […]

tambola one minute kitty party game

One Minute Game With Tambola Numbers

Tambola, also known as Housie is one of the most common and popular game played in ladies kitty party in India. While we play Tambola game with the tambola tickets and numbers, we can also play some one minute games with tambola numbers. Earlier I have shared some interesting one minute kitty party games with […]