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Ladies Kitty Diwali tambola games

diwali tambola games

Looking for some ladies kitty Diwali tambola games? Check out this attractive deepak shaped tambola ticket for your Diwali theme kitty party. This tambola ticket is made with a high quality paper sheet and is designed with excellence.

Ladies Kitty Diwali Tambola Games

ladies kitty Diwali tambola games

The ladies kitty Diwali tambola games suits best to your kitty party in the festive month of October. It also suits your Karva Chauth kitty party or even Navratre theme kitty party. These Diwali party tambola tickets are to be played with simple tambola numbers and board, but you can keep the calls different to suit with your theme. For example, if it is your Diwali party, you can keep the calls with some Diwali slogans or Diwali bollywood songs.

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Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games

Diwali Kitty Party Games

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Diwali Special Tambola Tickets

The ladies kitty Diwali tambola games are available for sale. If you want to place your order, do leave your comment below in the comment box and we will get in touch with you.

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