Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas

handmade halloween decoration ideas floating ghsosts
Source: SunScholars

Planning for your Halloween party, looking for some Halloween Decoration Ideas? If yes, you have landed to the correct web page. Decorations are one of the most important aspects of Halloween party as the scary ambiance brings a feel to the party. Check out some simple homemade Halloween decoration ideas as they can help you saving some of your hard-earned dollars.

Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas

Homemade Halloween masks:

handmade Halloween decoration ideas
source: Care2

You can make the black Halloween mask with a thick black sheet or a chalkboard. Just draw the shape on the chalkboard, make a cut-out and ass strings. I got this idea of chalkboard Halloween mask from Care2. 

Floating Ghosts Halloween

homemade halloween decoration ideas floating ghsosts
Source: SunScholars

This is one of the best homemade Halloween decoration ideas. To make these floating ghosts, you need white balloons. Fill the balloons with helium and tie them with some big and heavy rocks using long strings. Make sure that the string is long enough to make the balloons float in the air. Now hang the cheesecloth over the balloons which will give them the look of floating ghosts. To double the effect, you can place a strobe light behind the balloons which will glow when it is dark in the room.

Halloween Haunted Tree

homemade Halloween decoration ideas
Source: Halloween Forum

The bark of this Halloween haunted tree is made from cardboard tubes. Cut and adjust the tubes to give them the shape of the tree trunk. You can skin the bark using twisted newspapers, plastic bags and strapping tape. The roots again are made from twisted newspapers and strapping tape. After making the complete structure, dry brush black and brown colour to give it the actual haunted tree look.

Human Fingers with bloodhomemade Halloween decoration ideas

Human fingers are the easiest homemade Halloween decoration ideas. You can make the human fingers using the common flour. Make a tight dough out of the flour. Take some dough and give it the shape of a human finger. Stick the artificial nails on the finger tip. The nails are easily available in the market. Now use the nail pain to add the blood spots on the finger which will give it a proper look of bloodied finger.




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