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September 17, 2019

Bangles and Candles: Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game

October has already started and ladies might be looking for some interesting Diwali kitty party games. Today I am sharing a simple yet interesting Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game to be played with bangles and candles.

Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game

Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game
source: food better to be good

This Diwali party game has to be played with candles and bangles. You can play it as a team game as well as an individual kitty party game. To start with the game, keep many colored bangles and colored candles on the table. You can easily get the different colours of candles in the market, especially on Diwali days. This is one of the simplest and popular Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game.

Stand the candles on the table and also keep the bangles nearby in a bowl or a plate. Call the member in the playing area and blindfold her. Light the candles. The challenge is to put the matching coloured bangles in the candles. It is a one minute kitty party game and thus, the ladies will get one minute to complete their challenge. If you think that it might hurt or burn your members’ hands, you can remove the idea of making them blindfold. You can also play this game simply without blindfolding the members.

If you have teams in your kitty party, you can call one member from each team to play this Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game. The member who puts the maximum number of matching bangles in the candles will be the winner of the game.

I hope I am clear with my Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game and if you have any doubt, please leave your comment in the comment box below. I am here to solve all your queries regarding all kitty party games in my website. Also feel free to share your ideas and games over here.

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