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September 16, 2019

diwali party games

Office Diwali Party Ideas

Office Diwali Party Ideas | Kitty Groups Online

Its that time of the year again, Diwali Celebration time. Diwali is one of the major festivals of India and is thus celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm in every part. May it be your office, your society, your home, we celebrate Diwali everywhere in different styles. Office colleagues are more or less a family and […]

diwali party ideas

Planning a Diwali Party: Here Are The Ideas

So, it’s the festive season again and it’s Diwali this time. Almost every kitty party fad must be looking for some ideas to plan a hit or say super hit Diwali kitty party. May it be your pre-Diwali celebration party or be a Diwali theme kitty party, everything needs preparation and planning. Diwali Party Ideas […]

diwali tambola games

Ladies Kitty Diwali tambola games

Looking for some ladies kitty Diwali tambola games? Check out this attractive deepak shaped tambola ticket for your Diwali theme kitty party. This tambola ticket is made with a high quality paper sheet and is designed with excellence. Ladies Kitty Diwali Tambola Games The ladies kitty Diwali tambola games suits best to your kitty party in […]

diwali kitty party game ladies

Boat Candle Race: Diwali Kitty Party Game

Boat Candles race is a simple but funny Diwali kitty party game. Have you every heard that the floating candles can not just make a beautiful centerpiece for your tables or swimming pools but also can serve in the entertainment in your Diwali theme kitty party. October is often the month of festivals in India […]

Bangles and Candles: Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game

October has already started and ladies might be looking for some interesting Diwali kitty party games. Today I am sharing a simple yet interesting Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game to be played with bangles and candles. Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game This Diwali party game has to be played with candles and bangles. You can […]