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September 21, 2019

Diwali Party Tambola Games : Mehandi Tambola

diwali party tambola games

Check out the latest Diwali Party Tambola Games here. Most of the ladies will throw a Diwali theme kitty party or a Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party in the month of October and today I am sharing a wonderful Tambola game with you all. This is a lovely Mehandi Design tambola ticket which is best suitable as both Diwali party tambola games and Karva Chauth Tambola Games.

Diwali Party Tambola Games

diwali party tambola games

These are the specially designed tambola games for Diwali theme kitty party and Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. The mehandi design symbolizes Karva Chauth festival and thus it suits more as karva chauth tambola games. These tambola tickets are made using high quality paper sheets with a perfect finish. There are different numbers written on each ticket and you have to do absolutely nothing to play this diwali party tambola games in your kitty party or in a Diwali party family dinner.

As the image shows there are numbers written on the finger tips and bangles. You can keep the dividends as Right hand mehandi, left hand mehndi ,right-hand bangles and left hand bangles or you can also assign certain theme based songs for these dividends.

These diwali party tambola games are available for sale and if you want to place the order you can leave a comment below in the comment box. I am sure your kitty party members will love these specially designed theme based tambola games and it will create a great fun in your kitty party.

Do hit the FB like button if you liked the idea of these diwali party tambola games and also let me know if you didn’t. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Do have a look at other diwali party games here in my website and let me know if you have any doubt in any of my party games.

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  1. hi shiwangi it’s a very interesting game.plz tell me the rate of 16 tambola tickets and also reply me how to purchase it.it’s urgent.

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