Hilarious Adult Party Games : Dance Around and Sip The Coke

fun party games for couples
Naughty Adult Party Game for Couple

Hilarious Adult party games . Well you can also play this game as a couple party game in any of your couple gatherings, but I would list it in my category of hilarious adult party games and the reason behind is that it is a bit naughty game.

Hilarious Adult Party Games With Partnerhilarious adult party games

To play this naughty adult party game you need some coke bottle and a few straws. Bring the coke bottles and straw according to the number of guests you have to play this game.

Now when the game begins, make all the husband stand in a round with their faces outside as you see in the picture above. Give all the husbands a bottle of coke which they will stuck in their thigh. (check the picture). Now start the music. The wives will move around the husband when the music is played. Stop the music after every few minutes and the wife have to reach the husband and drink the coke from bottle using the straw.

Seems naughty, isn’t it. The couple finishing their coke first will be declared the winner of this adult party game.

Note: to avoid spills lessen the amount of coke from the bottle.

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  1. Need to give party to my friends on my wife bday and want to do sum fun with sum funny And naughty things please put any suggestions if u hv

  2. I was wondering do they have to make it back to there own husband or the closest husband? Im taking it as a adult musical chairs

  3. Hello! I love your broom and toilet paper game as well as the coke and straw game. Lol Both of which I will be using for my Couples Valentine’s Day Cabin trip this year. I can not wait!! Other than those two games, would you happen to have more raunchy couples games to play? We will be in the cabin for 3 days. It will be about 12 of us. Thank you in advance;o)


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