Get Dressed Blindfold : Funny Games For Bridal Showers

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Funny Games For Bridal Showers. This is one of the very funny bridal shower games in my list of  party games. However it is not particularly suitable only for the bridal showers, but you can arrange it as kitty party games, baby shower games or basically add it in the list of any  other party games.

Funny Games For Bridal ShowersFunny Games For Bridal Showers

The image as always is making it all clear but I would still like to explain it to my readers. To play this bridal shower game you need a bag or a suitcase full of girls clothes. Remember you should put in all the clothing pieces write from the undies to the upper ware. You can add several things like cap, hanky, belts, etc to confuse the player. If you want to increase the fun quotient in the game you better add some sexy night wears, bra, bikini panties, camisoles etc.

What the bridal shower game goes like is that you will call the players one by one to play this game and blindfold them. Now they have to sit along the suitcase and start wearing the cloth pieces one by one. This is a one minute party game and so they will get one minute to complete this challenge. The guests wearing maximum correct pieces of cloth will be the winner of this bridal shower game.

You can keep the suitcase on the floor or on the table as it suits to you and your guests.

I hope I have made myself clear. If you still have any doubt regarding this game feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box and I will solve your query in real time.

Do let me know if you liked this game and other Funny Games For Bridal Showers here in my website. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to me.


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