Planning a Diwali Party: Here Are The Ideas

diwali party ideas

So, it’s the festive season again and it’s Diwali this time. Almost every kitty party fad must be looking for some ideas to plan a hit or say super hit Diwali kitty party. May it be your pre-Diwali celebration party or be a Diwali theme kitty party, everything needs preparation and planning.

Diwali Party Ideas and Gamesdiwali party ideas

Before we start with the games and ideas, it is very important to welcome the guests in a traditional and heartwarming way. You can keep a Chandan tilak for every guest entering the party and can also sprinkle some itr (scent/perfume) on them. DO NOT forget to greet every guest with a warm Hug.

So, in this post I will talk about the ideas you can use to make your Diwali party a hit, na na a super hit and memorable party.

Diwali Party Decorations

Decorations is something which comes first in our minds whenever we are planning a particular theme party. So, for the Diwali party, you can decorate your house or the party hall with the diyas, real and artifical rangoli, colorful dupattas, flowers and more. If you are planning to throw a cards party, order the casino party supplies onlineyou can use the card cutouts for decorating the house and can also. These are easily available online in the stores like Amazon, Flipkart and more. Do not forget to use some floating candles and aromatic candles for decoration as it will definitely spruce up the decor and will also fill your party room with a lovely and enchanting fragrance.

Diwali Party Gamesdiwali kitty party activity games

This is something very important to ponder upon. Decorations and food items certainly are the very important aspects of a party but the guests come to your party with an expectation to get entertained, and what else can be the mode of entertainment than some interesting and funny Diwali Party Games. Please remember that men are usually less interested in playing the one-minute games and thus if you are throwing a couple party this Diwali, keep just one of two games and let the men enjoy in the way they want. So below is a list of Diwali Party Games you can keep in your party-

Bangles on the wax– This is a simple yet interesting one minute game suitable for your Diwali kitty party. Both men and women can play this game so yeah it is a good choice. Read More about the game. 

Diwali Tambola Games- Tambola is a game which both men and women enjoy playing and the best thing is that you can play this game with a huge crowd together unlike the other one minute games where only a few people play and others get bored. So check various designs of Diwali Tambola Games Here.

Boat Candle Race- Know more about this game here. Since we have already played this game in one of our Diwali kitty parties, I know that it is interesting and funny to play. It may sound a bit simple and not a fun game but trust me it is, especially when played in couples where the husband will make the boats and wife will arrange the candles and float them.

Card Games– So, if it is not a kitty party kinda thing and you are looking for the cards games, here is a list of wonderful cards games that you can play and entertain your guests in your Diwali Cards Party, these are some interesting variations in the famous Teen Patti Card Game. Check this list here.  

Ohm – Learn more about this game here. Yes, the game name is Ohm and here the members have to make Ohm using the Diwali diyas, you can play this as an individual game, team game or even as a couple game so it is the best suitable game for all kind of groups.

Diwali Party Menu

Now comes the menu. Of course, a party is incomplete without good food items and drinks. Diwali is all about celebrations and honestly, no celebration is complete without food. So for your Diwali party, you better make the Indian dishes as people are bored of having sweets and want to have some tangy and spicy food items these days. Below is a list of items you can prepare for your Diwali party-

Snacks or Starters

  • Assorted Pakoras
  • Chat Counters including Gol Gappe, Dahi bhalle, aaloo ki tikki, aaloo ki chat, cheela, matar chat etc.
  • Tangy stuffed Kachori
  • Spring rolls
  • Cocktail Samosas
  • Kothmeer Vadi
  • Gobhi Manchurian

Main Course 

  • Palak Khumb/ Palak Corns
  • Any Paneer Sabzi
  • Daal Makhni/ Daal Tadka
  • Mix Vegetable
  • Besanwali Bhindi
  • Navratan Korma


  • Kaju Pista Roll
  • Badam Katli
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Kheer
  • Phirni
  • Puddings

Since I am a vegetarian, I won’t be able to share the good and suitable non vegetarian cuisine here. The idea is to keep the cuisine/dishes known and loved by everyone.

Return Gifts For Diwali Party

Return gifts are important so as to leave the guests with a memory of your Diwali party. The best gift this season would be some floating candles, bandanwar, rangolis, embellished diyas etc.

So this was what I would do for my Diwali party or a Diwali Theme Kitty Party. Do let me know if you have something more to add her. Leave your comments down below in the comments section and I will be more than happy to add them in the article under your name/

Happy Diwali 🙂




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