Best Game For Diwali Kitty Party


Diwali  Games . In the month of October ladies usually prefer keeping a diwali theme kitty party. It is always very easy to throw a Diwali kitty party, because you have many items to decorate your party hall, you have many ideas for menu items plus you have many ideas of diwali games.

If you are on short of diwali games for your diwali theme kitty party this year, you are probably at right place. Today I am sharing a nice, simple but fun game for diwali party. It is a simple game and the players just have to light the maximum number of diyas in one minute.

I played this game in one of the parties recently and found it pretty suitable for your Diwali Kitty Party. This is basically a game similar to burn the maximum candles in one minute but a bit different it is.

Diwali Games With Diyas

DIWALI games with diya

As it is one of the Diwali  Games it would be better playing it with the diwali diyas.  Give every team a  number of diyas, with cotton batti, oil and match box. Every team will get one minute or two minutes (up to you) to play the game. You can also play this game individually and call the kitty members one by one to play but it would take lot of time.

The teams have to light the diyas and make a shape of sacred OHM on the floor or on the table. The team making maximum number of OHMs will win the game. The only rule in this Diwali party game is that the figure must be very clear and neat. I know this is a simple game but trust me it is fun when played with friends. You can also give the wax diyas to avoid the mess of oil etc.


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