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Bangles On Wax: One Minute Game Diwali Kitty Party

one minute game diwali kitty party game

Diwali is all about light, candles, sweets and crackers and so I am sharing an interesting one minute game Diwali kitty party with candles and bangles. This is a one minute party game and is not as simple to play as it seems.

One Minute Game Diwali Kitty Party

one minute game diwali kitty party gameThings required: You need a candle and many bangles for this one minute kitty party game.

How To Play One Minute Game Diwali Kitty Party

You can play this as an individual game or even as a team game or you may also call one person from each team to play this game also. Select a playing area in your kitty party and keep a smooth table there with a few candles, bangles and match box.

Call the players to the playing area. The challenge for the kitty members is to stand the bangles in the wax. They have to light the candle, pour hot wax on the table and stand the bangles on the wax. They will get a minute to win it which means they have only one minute to complete the challenge. The kitty member who stands the maximum number of bangles in one minute will be the winner of this one minute game Diwali kitty party.

If you are running in short of time you can call 4-5 members at a time to play this game and decide upon the winner in the end. The game seems to be simple to play but let me tell you that it is easier said than done. When we played this game in our kitty party, I could stand only three bangles in one minute. I have categorized it as a Diwali kitty party game but you can play it in any of your ladies kitty party with or without any theme.

Note: Glass bangles are much much difficult to stand on the wax and so I suggest you to use the metallic bangles as they are light in weight and are comparatively easy to stand them on wax.

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