Teej Kitty Party Game: Spot of differences

teej kitty party game

This is a wonderful teej kitty party game and can be played with all age group of ladies. This is basically a game of spotting the differences where the players will get one minute to spot the differences between the two Teej pics.

Teej Kitty Party Gameteej kitty party game

Things required-

  • Printouts of the game sheet
  • Bindi

How to Play Teej Kitty Party Game

  • Give one sheet to every member in your kitty party and also give them a packet of small red bindis.
  • The challenge is to spot the differences in one minute and put bindi over them.
  • The member who spots maximum number of differences in one minute will be the winner and get the prize.

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Do try playing this teej paper party in your Teej theme kitty party and let me know if your friends liked it or not.


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