Teej Tambola: Kitty Party Games


Now when the Indian festival Teej is fast approaching, ladies are looking for the teej tambola and teej theme party games all over the internet. Today I am sharing a specially designed teej tambola ticket for your ladies kitty party. You just need to download the image and get the printouts, according to the strength of your kitty party members.

Teej Tambola
happy teej tambola

Things Required

  • Teej tambola ticket pritouts
  • Tambola numbers
  • Tambola board

How To Play Teej TambolaTeej Tambola

  1. Give one tambola ticket to every member present in the kitty party
  2. Ask them to write 5 numbers in each dividends – Chudiya, Mehandi and Jhoola.
  3. Play the tambola in the regular way.
  4. The dividends here will be
  • चूड़ियां- When all numbers written around bangles are cut
  • मेंहदी- When all numbers written around heena are cut
  • झूला- When all numbers written around the swing are cut
  • तीज की है रौनक – When all the numbers written in the ticket are cut.

You can add some fun by adding the songs for dividend call outs like for –

  • चूड़ियां members have to sing- Mere haatho mein nau nau chudiya hain
  • मेंहदी members will sing- Mehandi hai rachne wali
  • झूला members will sing..aaya saawan jhoom ke
  • तीज की है रौनक members will sing..Ayo aayo teej tyohaar
Do let me know if you have any doubt in this teej tambola game or any other tambola games in my blog. 

Happy Kittying :)



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