Teej Celebration With Family: Party Games and Ideas

teej theme party ideas

Its the month of August and Indian ladies all over the world might be looking for some unique and best Teej Theme Party Ideas. Green color is the symbol of Teej and it reflects the greenery and prosperity in the country so it is always the best idea to use green color more and more in your Teej theme party. Check out my Teej theme party ideas and have more fun in your kitty party this month. 

Teej Theme Party Ideasteej theme party ideas

Decoration and Dress Code for Teej Theme Party

As I said green is the color of the month you can decorate the party hall with green coloured dupattas, small pots, plants, flowers and so on. You can also use some lovely paintings of ladies on swings to match it well with the theme. Ask all the kitty members to be dressed in green colour, may it be a saree or a suit. Indian attire suits the best to the theme. You can keep a special prize for the lady wearing mehandi with a green attire. 

Games and Activities Teej Theme Party Ideas

Teej Theme Tambola- Check out the special teej theme tambola where a beautiful swing is made with the tambola numbers. You can play this swing tambola in your teej theme kitty party this month. These tambola tickets are available for sale and if you want to place your order, you can leave a comment below in the comment box. 

monsoon theme tambola games


Teej Tambola-This is a colourful tambola ticket designed specially for your Teej theme party. The lovely colors and the swing depicts the festivity of Teej which is a very renowned and important festival in India. This tambola game has 7 vertical lines as dividends instead of three horizontal lines as we usually play in the tambola game. Apart from these 7 lines you can keep full houses and even the early five, depending upon the number of prizes you have.teej tambola tickets

Green Grocery- Give the members a pen and a paper and ask them to write the kitchen things of green color in one minute. They can write anything that is green in color and found usually in the kitchen like green chillies, peas, moong daal etc. This is a nice game and suits best to the teej theme party ideas, 

Get Green This game has to be announced a day before the party. Ask all your members to wear as much as green color as they can and also say that you will give the prize to member wearing maximum number of green things. 

Antakshari- Teej is all about singing, dancing, and having fun. You can play the famous Antakshari game in your teej theme party. Make some chits with different words and the members will pick one chit and sing maximum number of songs with that word in 30 seconds. 

Bangles in the roller pin- Bangles have a very important role in the Teej celebration and thus playing a game with bangles will suit the teej theme party exactly. For this party game you need a roller pin and many bangles. Make sure that you have many coloredbangles and some green bangles. Keep all those bangles in one big bowl. This is a one minute party game and you have to call the members one by one to play this game. The member who manage to put maximum number of green bangles in the roller pin will be the winner of this game. The rule of the game is that only green bangles will be counted. To increase the difficult level of this game you can blindfold the player before she starts playing the game. 

Menu for Teej Theme Party Ideas

You can keep pure traditional food items in your teej theme kitty party, for example chole bhature, chat, gol gappe etc.

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  1. its too gud …we need really …. we have manswini club of maheswari ladies which celebrated all the festivals.Thankss

  2. Nice n creative !!! I need to know the price of both the tambola tickets ….the swing one n the rainbow one too.
    Gud luck !!!

  3. nice and creative !! I need to know the price of both the tambola tickets – the swing and the rainbow tambola ticket .

  4. I am about to host a kitty . The theme is teej.I luved all ur ideas. But wud really insist ,if u cud give me a btr and more creative option for tambola tickets. And plz don’t forget to tell me the rates of the swing tickets u hv already posted.

  5. Hi nice ideas

    I am organizing teej kitty party for around 100 ladies

    We will have to select one teej queen among them
    Please suggest some good ideas for ths same n unique nee ideas

    Also pleasd suggest the ideas for welcome n return gift n invitiation games and tambola also for bulk people and menu also


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