Teej Paper Party Game: तीज के शब्द खोजिये

teej paper party game

It is August already and ladies are busy searching for the teej party games and ideas. Today I am sharing a teej paper party game for your kitty party. This is a word search game where the ladies have to search for the Teej related words from the letter grid. This paper party game is in Hindi and thus you can play this game with any age group of ladies.

Teej Paper Party Game

teej paper party game

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How to Play Teej Paper Party Game

  • Get the printout of the game sheet above.
  • Give one sheet to every member in your kitty party.
  • The challenge is to find out the teej related words from the grid of letter.
  • The member who finds maximum words in one minute will be the winner of this game.
  • This is a one minute kitty party written game for teej theme kitty party.

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