Movies Antakshari: Ladies Kitty Party Game Hindi

ladies kitty party written game

Today I am sharing a simple yet interesting ladies kitty party games in Hindi here with my readers. I played this game in one of my kitty parties recently and as I always do, I am sharing it with my kitty groups members online.

This written kitty party game is based on Bollywood movies and thus you can keep it in your Bollywood theme kitty party. I often get mails of ladies asking for simple ladies kitty party game in Hindi and this game suits their need the best.

Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi

Ladies kitty party game in hindi

Take some plain papers and ask the members to write a Hindi alphabet on their paper. They can choose any alphabet they want and the rule is that they can’t change it once written on the paper. As the name suggests it is a movie antakshari game where the players have to write the movie names with the ending letter of the previous movie.  I wrote the letter,’र’ and you can check my answer sheet in the image above. I wrote 28 movies names in my sheet. My game sheet of this Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi is attached in below, you can download it just by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

Fun was that the game ended immediately for the ladies who wrote typical Hindi letter like ड़, ण, ट etc. 

This is a one minute paper party game and thus, the ladies in the kitty party will get only one minute to complete the game. After one minute ask everyone to drop their pens and take their papers.This is a very simple and nice Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi and suits best for ladies kitty party of all ages.

The lady who has written maximum number of Hindi movies in a minute will be the winner of this ladies kitty party written game. You can arrange this game both as team game or individual game. If you have teams in your kitty party, give a paper to each team and if you don’t have teams, give one paper to each member in your kitty party. Hope the game is clear to you all, and if you have any doubt feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box.




  1. Hi
    I m thinking of this game so can I write the first letters by my own nd if I can write the same letters on each page so can it be all right?


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