Fun Couple Party Games

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Fun Couple Party Games can make your parties more interesting and fun filled. Today I am sharing two very interesting and fun couple party games which will surely double the fun quotient in the party and make the party enjoyable. It is one of the simplest fun couple party games and the best part is that you don’t need to do any homework for this game.

Fun Couple Party Games

Feel it and Find It: Funny Game For Couples

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To play this game make all the men stand in a row with their pants up to knee and blindfold the wives. Now what the wives will do is to feel every man’s leg and recognize her husband. The men have to stay mum and any sound may result in elimination for that couple. The wives will get a minute to win it and if they fail to identify their husband in one minute they lose the point. The wife who identifies her husband in the minimum time limit will be the winner.

Cucumber Exchange: Naughty Couple Party Game

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This is one of the dirtiest fun couple party games I have ever come across or I can also call it as a naughtiest bridal shower game if not dirty. To play this game in your couple kitty party,  you need to divide your guests into pairs. As the name suggests the pair has to exchange the cucumber maximum in this game. They will get one minute time for exchanging the cucumber and the funny and naughty twist in the game is that they have to hold the cucumber between their knees. Yes, you read it correct.

They have to exchange this cucumber maximum times in one minute without using their hands. If the cucumber falls they will be out of the game and next pair will come to play. The pair scoring the maximum number of exchange in one minute will be declared as the winner of this fun and naughty couple party game.



  1. I like fun couple party game n we played this game n enjoy every one who came the party. So. Thanks to you for to make my party especial.thanks again

  2. hi,shiwangi for the first time i m talking to u but really u do a gr8 job and now i need a help from u ,i need some game for punctuality in my kitty hope u will get me n fulfil my need


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