10 Best Halloween Party Games For Kids


It’s October already, which means you are already on the hunt of Halloween costumes, Halloween party menu and some funny Halloween party games for kids. After sharing some DIY Halloween decoration ideas and Halloween food ideas, today I am sharing a bunch of funny Halloween party games for kids. I got the ideas of these Halloween games while browsing over the web and so I am presenting a compilation of my best choices.

10 Best Halloween Party Games For Kids

Halloween Bowling– You can use some hardboard to make these scary faces and for the ball you can take a pim-pom ball decorated as an eyeball.

halloween party games for kids 1


Halloween Punch –

Halloween party games for kids 2
Source: The Techy Teacher

Design the punch sheet as shown in the image and you can keep a certain amount or some specific gift under each punch box. The child will get the gift he/she punches on.

Pin The Boo

This is same as the kids game “pin  the donkey tail”. Create the ghost on a big sheet and use the small drawing sheets to make these BOOs. Call the kids one by one to pin this BOO on the ghost. The kid who pins the BOO nearest to the ghost’s mouth will get the prize.

halloween party games for kids 3
Source: The Pleasantest Thing

Zombie Walk- This is one of the funniest Halloween party games for kids. However, you can play this Halloween game with adults also but kids do that much better. The game is all about walking like a zombie. There would be one Zombie initially and all other kids will try to escape. All the kids touched by the Zombie will turn into Zombie and make others the same. Winner is the kids remaining in the last. The rule here is that Zombies cannot run, they have to walk and turn others into Zombies.

Source: Craftaholics Anonymous
Source: Craftaholics Anonymous

Halloween Ring Toss- A ring toss with a small twist. Make these witch hats for the ring toss this Halloween. Kids would love trapping the witches with their rings.

halloween games for kids
source: Mommas Fun World

Witch’s Stew

This is one of the most popular Halloween party games for kids. Arrange the stew plates on the table and add the toy animals in that stew. Call the kids on the table and give them a straw each. The game is to take out the animals from stew and keep them in a plate on the other table.

Halloween party games for kids
Source: Family Fun Go

Bobbing Apples

This is not particularly a Halloween party game but to make it theme suitable you can use theDracula teeth. Take a tub full of water and add the apples in it. Now ask the kids to put on the Dracula teeth and pick up the apples from the tub.

Halloween Party Games For Kids
Source: Grow By Love

Hanging Apples

Source: Tip Junkie
Source: Tip Junkie

If not in water, you can also hang the apples in the air with a string. The game will be same, where the players have to catch and bite the apples without using their hands.

 Grab The Points

Halloween games for kids
Source: Indulgy

Give 5 balls to every kid and make them all stand on a set line. Kids have to throw the balls in these buckets and grab the points. If the ball goes into the bucket with number 1, they will get 10 points and if it goes in bucket number 2 they get 20 points and so on.



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