Fashion Theme Kitty Party : Have Fun In Fashion Fiesta

fashion theme kitty party

Fashion Theme Kitty Party . Ladies love to talk about Fashion and whats else could be better than a Fashion theme kitty party. It is a very simple yet entertaining kitty party theme for every age theme kitty party

Check out the Fashion party theme ideas below-

Fashion Theme Kitty Party Ideas

The Invitations for Fashion Theme Kitty Party

You may want to have dye-cut or computer printed cards for the invitations. For a special touch, hand deliver invitations tied to a lip gloss or nail polish. Invite the guests to come to the celebration as if it were a fashion show. For example, the wording on the invitation can be.
You are invited to walk the runway at (———-) Fashion Show Come and make your own fashionista style statement, Flaunt your catwalk skills and elegant gait , But don’t be fashionable late . Time Venue Embellish the invitation with swatches of fabric that match the color scheme of the party.

Decoration ideas for Fashion Theme Kitty Party

Clear out an area in the venue to act as a runway. Set up the chairs for the audience to check out the show. Glam and glitter are in order for this party. Drape your furniture with fun fabric or sheets. Place mirrors in the party room for fashion fun activities. Decorate the venue with colorful pictures of designers, dresses, happening models pictures etc.
Dress Code : Tell all the members to be dressed according to the latest fashion trends. They must wear happening dress and carry funky fashion accessories.

Activities and Games For Fashion Theme Kitty Party

Game-1 This is a paper game. Give the guests a chart paper and several cuttings of fabrics attached to it. Give them time limit of one minute and ask them to identify the fabrics.
Game-2 Fashionista puzzle : Divide the guests into teams named after famous brands like Lakme and Loreal etc. Give all the teams a set of 2-4 magazines and ask them to cut the pictures of the models and write their names too. The team which is able to come up with the maximum number of pictures of models along with their names, is the winner.
Game-3 Beauty Trivia : Test how well your guests know the facts about beauty and fashion. Have them sit in a circle and ask them various questions. If they know the answer, they must raise their hand before saying it out loud. The questions can be-
1. Name 5 famous brands of cosmetics. 2. Name 5 famous male models. 3. Name 5 famous female models. 4. Name 2 child models. 5. Who was the first Miss India ?
Game-4 Fashion Relay : Divide the group into two teams. Give each team a suitcase filled with oversize pants, a shirt, a jacket, necklaces, bracelets, a purse, and a pair of shoes.
On the command “Go”, one person on each team opens the suitcase and puts on all the items, runs to the other side of the party area or do some ramp walking in front of the judges. The first person to come dressed completely is the winner.
Game-5 Dress your model : You may divide your guests in teams and ask them to choose a model among themselves and accomplish 3-4 tasks like
1. Put make up on that model.You will have to provide them with a small make up kit. 2. Prepare a dress for the model from chart paper. 3. Prepare a jewelry set for the model from a kids jewelry set . 4. Give them any cosmetic item like sunscreen, cold cream, fairness cream etc and ask them to make an advertisement for that .

Ideas For The Menu for Fashion Theme Kitty Party

The menu should be trendy and low in calorie count. Snack and finger foods would be perfect. Vegetable dips, brown bread sandwiches, paneer tikkas, fruit punches and diet coke would be ideal for that day .


    • Hey Divya, thanks. You can keep the lines according to the items made in the tickets and to make it more interesting you can keep some particular call out dialogues.


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