Adult Party Games : Be Naughty With Broom And Paper Roll

adult party games

If you often throw parties in your friends groups with all adults, this could be one of your favorite adult party games. Yes! Trust me, this is one of the most interesting and funniest adult party games. You can arrange this as one of your adult party games in the ladies kitty party or even in the couple kitty parties.

You can play this game only if you and your guests are comfortable with the naughty games. Yes, this is a quite naughty game and can double the laughter quotient in your party.This can also be arranged as the teens party games.

Best Adult Party Games With Tissue Paper

The game goes like this –

You will need a few brooms and many tissue paper rolls for this adult party game. If you are planning to call the couples one by one to play the game, you will need only one broom but if you wanna call more couple all-together you will need more brooms. adult party games

Divide all your guests into couples and call the couples to play this adult party game. One member will hold the broom inn the knees and other member will hold the tissue paper roll in between the knees. The member with the broom in his/her knees will push the broom and try inserting the tissue paper roll into the broom. The picture below will make the things more clear. This is a one minute party game, and all the couples will get one minute to play this party game. The couple who manages to insert maximum number of paper rolls in the broom in one minute will win be the winner of this adult party game.

adult party games

So, isn’t is one of the most interesting and hilarious adult party games ?

Try this adult party game in your next party and do not forget to tell me how was this game. Feel free to ask if you have any query regarding this game. You can leave your question or comment below in the comment box.

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  1. I am throwing a couples Valentines Dinner party this Friday and will definitely include this game. We are 50 and over…it will be hilarious. Thanks


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