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Valentine Games : Kiss Your Valentine and Get The Prize

Valentine Games

Valentine Games . The name itself makes the game easy to understand. Yes it is a simple yet naughty and  interesting game and thus I have included in the list of Valentines Day Party games. You can arrange this game in your ladies kitty party as well as the couple party. Although, this game also suits the best as the bridal shower games or bachelorette party games.

Valentine Games : Blindfold Kissblindfold kiss

As the name signifies this is a blindfold game where you will call the members one by one and tie a bandanna on their eyes. Before than take any poster of actor ( if you are playing this with ladies) or actress (if you are playing with men).blindfold kiss

Well, I played this game in a ladies party so I will explain it that way. First paste the poster of the actor on a wall in the party hall. Let all the members see and check it carefully. Now call the member one by one and tie the bandanna on their eye tightly. Make sure that the ladies have a good coat of lipstick on their lips. If not, ask them to put a coat before playing this game.

Now what they have to do is to kiss the actor on his lips. The member kissing exactly on the lips will win the game. If no one gets the exact lip kiss, declare the lady as winner whose kiss is closest to the lips. Valentine Games.

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