Naughty Bridal Shower Games : Hit The Orange Harder

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Naughty Bridal Shower Games . As with all my party games, this picture also says everything about the bridal shower game. This is somehow similar to the party game Fly Banana which I have categorized in the adult party games category. But here we played this game with a ball and an orange for a change.

Naughty Bridal Shower Games With Orangefunny bridal shower games

This is one of the most naughty bridal shower games and is a racing game in a way. You can call 4-5 guests at a time to play this game. Tie a ball with a stockings on the waist of each guest playing the game. Make sure that the ball is heavy and is hanging till floor. Now give them each one an orange. Draw the finisher line to finish the race and make them all stand at the start point of the race.

Now when the time starts they all have to push the orange from the ball ganging on their waist. The player reaching their orange first to the finisher liner will win this naughty bridal shower game. You can however arrange this game also as your ladies kitty party games or the couple party games but we played it in a bridal shower so I am putting it in the category of naughty bridal shower games. 

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