Ladies kitty party games ideas : Make a Trail Of Bangles


Ladies kitty party games ideas . This is again one of the very simple one minute party games but it suits best as the ladies kitty party games or say hen’s party game. I often get emails and messages from my kitty members worldwide that they want some simple Ladies kitty party games ideas to play with middle aged ladies and I guess this game will serve their needs. The middle aged ladies often don’t want to move from their chair and play the tiring running games. They want some game which they can play sitting on the chair with full ease and comfort.

This game is just for such lovely kitty members of mine who want to have fun but don’t really want to take much pain for that. They can play this game right from their chairs. For this simple party games you need many bangles, a few sets of safety pins and a stopwatch.

Ladies kitty party games ideas with bangles

Ladies kitty party games ideas

This is a one minute party game and you have to call the members one by one to play this game. Start the time and ask the member to make a trail of bangles using the safety pins. The game is simple as that, the member making the longest trail of red bangles in one minute will win this party game.

You can bring the variations and difficulty levels in this game according your kitty members. For example you can make the player blindfold to make this game a difficult one and there are many more such ideas to bring variations.

Do leave a comment in the comment box below if you want to know more about this game or any of my Ladies kitty party games ideas. I am here to solve all your queries and questions about the kitty party games and ideas.


  1. Hi shiwangi…I like the game with trail of bangles.can u suggest some more interesting variations..I have a kitty coming up shortly

  2. Enjoyed every game —-that taught us .i am very social and keep having ladies get together,I will request to teach me more entrusting games thanks .my name is Neena jaggi


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