Best Desserts For Your Kitty Party At Home

best desserts

When we are planning a kitty party at home, the first thing that comes into our mind is the menu. Khana Kya Banayenge is the most important question then. While selecting the starters, drinks and the main course is still easy as there are numerous options available, the main challenge is to select the best desserts.

In this post, I am sharing my favorite 5 best desserts which you can make in your next kitty party.

Best Desserts For Kitty Party At Home


Yes, the Rabri is easily available in the market but making it at home is something very different. Not many people know but making rabri is extremely easy and quick. You just need to make them a day before your kitty party so that you can serve them chilled. Read the rasgulla recipe here. 

Eggless Aata Chocolate Cake

This is again a very nice and interesting dessert for your kitty party at home. It is a very quick recipe and that too without much fuss or ingredients. You can serve this cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some hot chocolate.

Read the cake recipe here.  

Besan aur Gud Ka Sheera

Not many people prefer making such simple best desserts in their kitty parties but trust me it is a good idea. Halwa or sheera is something which everyone loves and people don’t usually make halwa at their homes not. So it is always a good idea to make this besan and gud ka halwa in your kitty party.

Check out the besan halwa recipe here.

Dark Chocolate Brownies From Oreo

These dark chocolate brownies are also eggless and take very little time to cook. You don’t need any fancy ingredients to make this cake and this will certainly make your kitty party members happy. You can add some hot chocolate and choco chips to enhance the taste.

Check the Oreo Dark Chocolate Brownies Here

Bread Mango Pastry

This is a new variety of desserts and will certainly make a hit. The only miss here is that you can make it only in the summer season when you get mangoes. This is a very quick recipe and can be made very easily.

Check out the bread mango pastry recipe here.

This was my list of the best desserts for your kitty party at home. Do let me know via comments if you want more of such recipe ideas for your kitty parties.


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