Valentines Day Theme Tambola Games


Valentines Day fever is all over and ladies might be looking for the Valentines Day theme tambola tickets. I am today sharing three of the valentines theme tambola games for your Valentines Day theme kitty party. These tickets are available for sale at different prices. Do let me know via comments if you want to place the order and we will send you the tickets.

Make sure you keep a time span of at least a week before your kitty party.

Valentines theme tambola games

Valentines Tambola #1

This is the first Valentines Day Tambola Ticket with L O V E written on it. The dividends here ate L O V and E. Each dividend has 4 numbers. You can add other dividends such as early five and houses too as per your prize money of Tambola Game.

This tambola ticket is available for Rs 20 per ticket

Valentines Tambola #2

This tambola ticket is a heart-shaped ticket for your Valentines Day Theme Kitty Party and within are the dividends like Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day. Promise Day, Hug Day. Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day. Each dividend has just two numbers. You can also add the regular dividends like early five and houses.

This is available for Rs 25 per ticket.

Valentines Tambola Ticket# 3

This tambola ticket is with some famous love couples like heer ranjha, romio juliet, shiri farhaad etc. Each couple is the dividend and has five numbers each. Again you can add the dividends if you want.

This ticket is available for Rs 15 per ticket

All these valentines theme tambola games are available for sale. Do leave your comments down below in the comments section if you want to place the order. We take at least 1 week to ship the tambola tickets and thus make sure you place your order in time.

Keep kittying, keeep partying and have fun.

Love Love




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