Holi Party Ideas: How To Throw a Great Holi Party


Holi is just around the corner and all my friends must have already started planning their Holi party. So, today in this post, I will share my tips and ideas on how to throw a great Holi party. Do let me know if you liked my Holi party ideas or not.

Holi is one of the happiest festivals of India, it brings great positive vibes and people just want to enjoy and have fun. So, if you are planning a Holi party at your place, make sure it is well organized and is full of fun elements. Let’s go point by point-

Holi Party Ideasholi party ideas

Holi special invitation

As it is a colorful festival, make sure your Holi party invitation is also very colorful and carries good vibes. Write some good and welcoming message to make your guests happy. Adding a few packets of Gulal will make it even better.

Proper planning and execution

Now comes the very important part and that is proper planning. Pen down everything you want to do in the party and keep ticking the things that are done. Try not to keep the pakka colors and play Holi only with the organic colors or Gulal. Though gulals these days are also mixed with the pakka colors but you can buy some good brand gulal packets which are non-toxic and easy to remove. Trust me nobody wants to sit in the washroom for hours scrapping their skin after enjoying Holi

Kids Holi Supplies

Holi is a family festival and obviously, kids will accompany their parents to your party. Make sure you have some entertainment for them as well. You can keep a small water pool for them filled with colors and also keep some good pichkaris for them and some water balloons too. You can get some good ones in Amazon.

Holi Music

This is something very very important and has to be in my list of Holi party ideas. Download the best Holi songs a day before your party to avoid any mess ups. No Holi party is complete without the music and people just want to dance and have fun so be prepared with a complete list of peppy Bollywood and non-Bollywood songs on Holi.

Holi special drinks

Whenever we talk about Holi, thandai is something which comes straight in our minds. Do prepare good amount of thandai for your guests. Also, keep some bhang for the guests who wish to get that high in your Holi party. You can also make some bhang ke laddoo with little bhang in it just to perk up the mahaul a bit.

Dress code For Holi Party

White is the best color to wear at the Holi party celebrations. Also, ask all your guests to come in the white outfits and trust me it looks the best after getting colored. Okay, set aside the color, make sure you wear comfortable clothes so that you can enjoy to the core. You can wear some cool palazzo pants with a top or maybe a kurti with a pair of leggings. Avoid western outfits and try Indian ethnic wear on this Indian festival. Also, avoid wearing jewelry because it might get spoiled with colors.

Holi party decoration

Do get your party place decorated with as many colors as you can. A pretty decoration will make the mood of your guests as soon as they enter the party place. If you don’t want to spend more and not interested in calling some event managers, do it yourself. You can use the paper lanterns, colorful dupattas and balloons to decorate your party space. Keep the gulal in plates as décor items which your guest can later use to play Holi too.

Holi party games

This is again a very important part of your Holi celebrations and comes in the list of my Holi party ideas.  Make sure you are not keeping any boring games or written party games at your Holi party. The Holi games should be very happening, activity games which involve most of your guests. Play some good and entertaining group games with your guests.

Holi party gifts

Your guests will anyway go home with happy faces after such a great Holi party but if you give them some Holi special gifts, it will be a cherry on the cake. You can gift them some small idols, or some sweets, or maybe some crockery items too.

So these were my Holi party ideas. DO let me know via comments how did you like them and also let me know if you want me to add some more of such ideas.

Happy Holi Everyone.


  1. Hello shiwangi, this is Shuchi here. I love all of ur games n m urs big fan. Plz suggest me a naughty holi special kitty game. It is for 10 ladies only n plzz quite naughty. In waiting of ur rvrt…


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