Monsoon Theme Kitty Party : Perfect Party Theme Idea

monsoon theme kitty party

Monsoon theme kitty party. Monsoon is just around the corner and if you have to host a kitty party this month or in the next month, monsoon theme kitty party would be the best idea. Check out the Monsoon Party Theme Ideas below and let me know if you like them.

Monsoon Theme Kitty Party Ideas

The Invitations For Monsoon Theme Kitty Party

Draw rainbows on a handmade paper card and write party details inside. Another idea for rainbow party invitations is to make a pot of gold on the front of the card. Then when you open it up, the wording can say “Meet me at the rainbow” with the pertinent party information. Invite guest to wear their favorite clothes in the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

More Ladies Kitty Party Invitation Ideas

Decoration and dress code for Monsoon Theme Kitty Partymonsoon theme kitty party


Use rainbow colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet) to decorate your party hall. Add some fun props like raindrops and clouds related to your theme to create a spectacular party setting. Open the umbrellas up, tie them on ribbons and hang them from the ceiling or keep them on the floor and give your venue a monsoon feel. You can also make use of cute little plastic creepy crawlies like snails and snakes from your kids’ room.

Monsoon Theme Party Games and Activities Ideas

Game-1 Monsoon Theme Tambola- Ladies kitty parties are somehow incomplete with tambola games and Monsoon is closely related to the swings and so I am sharing the specially designed Monsoon Theme Tambola Tickets Here. monsoon theme tambola gamesThese tickets are available for sale and if you want to place your order, please leave your comment below in the comment box. You can also keep these tickets as teej theme tambola tickets. rainy seaason tambola games

Game-2 Rainbow Jewellery contest : Divide your guests in teams and ask them to create edible rainbow necklaces and other accessories with string and Fruit Loops cereal. Give them each a small bowl of Fruit Loops and strings.
Game-3 Monsoon Props-  This is also a team game. Give each team a monsoon related prop like umbrella, raincoat or gumboots and ask them to dance /sing or act making use of that prop in their performance. Instead of props, you can also give them various situations like Monsoon and government houses, Monsoon and Indian roads and Monsoon and bollywood etc to act on.
Game-4 Rainbow tag : You can pin up a small circle of any rainbow colour on each guest’s back. When the party starts ,you have to ask the guests to collect the rainbow colours from each guests’ back ,without them getting to know. If they find you stealing the the colour from their back, you are out of the game. The person who smartly collects the maximum number of the rainbow colours by the end of the party is the winner.
Game-5 Song Masti- Ask your guests to write as many Bollywood songs about monsoon as they can remember. The person who writes the maximum number of songs gets to win a prize.

Menu Ideas for Monsoon Theme Kitty Party

Serve lots of exotic fruits, colourful cocktails and mocktails, smoothies, tiny cakes ,spicy snacks and not to forget the piping hot pakoras.

I hope you all liked the ideas of Monsoon Theme Kitty Party, and if you didn’t, please feel free to leave your comment below. I will surely try to bring some more new ideas of kitty party theme and games.


  1. Hi…I want the tambola tickets for monsoon theme..please let me know the procedure…n ur contact no…..waiting for ur reply

  2. Hi shiwangi,i m Divya here…..i like monsoon theme..kitty party..can u tell me the specifications which we can keep i the above shown tambola ticket which has a umbrella in the pic….i want to knw 1 punctuality n activity game also…i jus have 15 days left fr my kitty..plz help me fast…any other. Game related to the theme will b welcome..

      • Hello again i m sorry to disturb u again bt cn u plz tell wot do u mean by dividends as colours n one as umbrella stick…plz elaborate clearly….n i want one punctuality. Game acc to the theme can u give me a full pic of the ticket plz ..i wud b vry grateful to u

  3. Hello,plz shiwangi i need ur help in the games..want to knw an interesting punctuality. Game fr the monsoon theme..activity game also

  4. Hi plz reply n tell me Ki wot do u mean by dividends. In the umbrella tambola ticket..i Ws waitin fr ur reply…i wud b vry thankful

  5. Hii….in the umbrella tambola ticket….can there. B any other interstin variations apart from the dividends…can u make the variations in songs also..plz tell me 1 nice game also on the theme…….can u plz gve me ur no so i can talk to u n ask u

  6. Hi, I’m interested in purchasing game 1 monsoon theme tambola. Can u pls tel the cost of the tambola. I want at least 50 tickets. Pls reply asap.

  7. hi…i want swing tambola tickets…around 26(2 tickets per swing)…can u mail me the details…will need them by 26th..

  8. hello shiwangi…i m hosting a monsoon theme kitty soon ..i have small paper umbrellas wth me i want to knw a small punctuality game based on these umbrellas…..plz help me in this ..hoping to receive a reply from u

    • Hey Divya which kind of umbrellas you have? If they can be opened you can add some white thermocol balls in one of those umbrellas depicting the rain. The member which gets the umbrella with rain will be the winner. What say?

  9. HI SHIWANGI..THIS IS SHIPRA….cud u plz mail me d price of umbrella tickets n also i wanted to know a couple game to suit this theme…thanks

  10. Hii Shivangi! Divya here I want to buy these Tmbola tickets (Monsoon Theme) I have 15 days left in m y kitty could you please mail me the details?
    Also for my other kitty I want to go for Tapori theme…. do you have any idea for Tambola realted to that theme?

    • Hey Sonal the items can include-
      peas, bitter guard, coriander leaves, moong daal, green chana, leafy vegies, green onions, capsicum, cucumber, green tea, green beans, green chillies, and many more.

  11. hi shin
    hi shivangi want to know the cost of the umbrella tambola tickets…..have just 3 days left for my kitty…..i know its little late but plz update me asap

    • Hey Archana, you can confirm your order via email and then I will send you the band details. As the payment is deposited in the account, your tickets will be couriered.

  12. Hi…I want the tambola tickets for monsoon theme..please let me know the procedure…n ur contact no…..waiting for ur reply

  13. Hi.. I liked monsoon theme and its the best time also. We are having team of 10 people…I would like to buy tambola tickets… kindly let me know how to use these….. also request to suggest different interesting games related to theme. Please confirm the price of tickets also.

  14. hi can you please send me matter to be written inside a monsoon theme ladies meet in snglish little humerous

  15. Hi Shiwangi,
    You are awesome in your posts and blogs and ideas..thanks a lot!!!
    Well kinda urgent request..have a monsoon theme kitty next week so need a fun invite (specially whats app one as we don’t use paper invites…not the one already available…plz help with that.
    Also let me know the tambola tickets price and availability prefer them too…thanks again


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