Truth or Dare Questions : Tricky Questions and Embarrassing Dares


Truth or dare questions. Truth or Dare is one of the most commonly played games in office parties and slumber parties. Funny and somewhat weird Truth or Dare questions can turn the boring parties into interesting events.

truth or dare questions

What is Truth or Dare Game?

Truth or Dare is a party game played mostly by youth. It requires at least three players. In the game, the players are given choice between performing a dare of answering a question. Both Truth or Dare questions are set by the other players. The Truth or Dare game is particularly popular among teenagers.

The ‘Dare’ tasks are usually weird and embarrassing in this game and the ‘Truth’ questions are equally tricky and weird. Check out the list of top Truth or Dare questions if you are planning to play this game in your next office party or a sleepover party.

Truth or Dare Questions

Truth Questions for Truth or Dare Game

  1. When did you first fell in love and with whom?
  2. Whom would you like to date amount the people present in this room?
  3. Share the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  4. What is your secret fantasy? (this is one of the best Truth or Dare questions)
  5. Whom would you like to kiss among the players present in the room?
  6. What turns you on the most?
  7. Have you ever thought to cheat or ever cheated on your partner?
  8. Which is the most sensual clothing in your wardrobe?
  9. How often are you attracted to an opposite sex person?
  10. When did your first kiss happened and with whom?
  11. Will you want to exchange your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse with anyone in this room?
  12. Would you like to marry anyone in this room and why?
  13. What do you hate the most about your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse?
  14. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher or ay relative?
  15. Is there anything you hate about your best friend?
  16. Share your worst fear?
  17. If you ever get a chance to get a rebirth, whom would you choose to be and why?
  18. When did you last lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  19. If you win a lottery, will you share your lottery price with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse?
  20. If you were locked up in a room with a person from this room, whom would you choose and why?
  21. When did you last lied to your parents and what was it about?
  22. What was the worst birthday gift you ever got, what was it and who gifted it?
  23. Whose dressing sense you hate in this room?
  24. Did you ever had a crush on your best friend?
  25. What is the thing you hate about in the person sitting on your right?
  26. If you have 24 hrs to live, what would you like to do?
  27. Ever had a crush on your friend’s partner?
  28. Who do you think is the sexiest person in this room?
  29. When did the last time you remember you felt guilty?
  30. If you get a chance to be marooned on an island for a week, who will you choose and why?
  31. If you ever get two wishes granted what would you like to have?
  32. What do you hate the most about your parents and why?
  33. Tell us about someone who has not loved you back?
  34. If you could see future of 1 person, who will be the person (not you)?
  35. Would you mind kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend in public?
  36. Ever fantasized love making with a film star?
  37. Who in the room do you think will be the most successful 20 years from now?
  38. When did you almost die?
  39. What makes you feel insecure?
  40. What is the worst sin you have ever committed?

After these interesting Truth or Dare questions, its not turn of listing down some interesting and weird dare tasks.

List of Dare

  1. Dance on the table on the song you hate the most.
  2. Kiss the player sitting left to you.
  3. Sing a nursery rhyme in the middle of the road, loudly.
  4. Stand in the center of a restaurant and sing your favorite nursery rhyme.
  5. Give someone in this room a lap dance.
  6. Follow someone on the road till they freak out.
  7. Dial a random phone number and tell him/her ‘I Love You’.
  8. Lick the cheek of the member sitting right in front of you.
  9. Eat a raw egg.
  10. Imitate any three people in this room, while the others guess who they are.
  11. Have a two-minute-long conversation with a chair or a wall.
  12. Go and talk to a stranger and convince him that you are a superhero.
  13. Call up a nearby restaurant and ask if they serve dinosaurs.
  14. Hold a board saying ‘up for adoption, call….’ And walk on the street.
  15. Catch any stranger in the restraint and convince that you can’t hear anything.
  16. Send a love message to any of your FB friend (random).
  17. Send someone you know a message that says: I know what you did last summer.
  18. Sit on a street as a beggar and collect a set amount of money.
  19. Call your girlfriend, tell her you are gonna die and hang up.
  20. Bring some wheat flour from the kitchen and eat it straight.
  21. Go to the road and start screaming like an insane.
  22. If it is a guy dare him to put the entire makeup items of a woman.
  23. Get on to the middle of the road and sing “I am a little teapot”.
  24. Stand in the middle of the restaurant and dare the guy to scratch his private parts.
  25. Push a penny around the toilet seat with your tongue.
  26. Make fake love making sounds with all hoossh and haassh and kissing sounds.
  27. If it is a guy ask him to put on a bra over his t-shirt for rest of the time.
  28. Exchange any of your clothing with the person sitting right in front of you.
  29. Mix different sauces and eat it.
  30. Get up and say I love you to the first person you meet in the restaurant.
  31. Do a moonwalk across the restaurant.
  32. Clean the toilet with a toothbrush.
  33. Go to the next door neighbor and convince that you are scared of something badly and wanna spend your night there.
  34. Talk for 3 minutes continuously without stopping for a second.
  35. Give a piggyback ride to the person sitting on your left.
  36. Act like a monkey, peel a banana, eat it and stay in monkey mode till the end of the game.
  37. You must be silent for the rest of the party.
  38. Sit on the lap of the person to your left for the rest of the game.
  39. Stuff 8 marshmallows in your mouth and sing – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
  40. Write “Funky Monkey” on your forehead with a lipstick and leave it there for 1 hour.

Playing Truth or Dare game is the best option to bring fun and laughter in your party. These above Truth or Dare questions will help you making your party a great hit and also will make all your friends happy and entertained. If you have more Truth or Dare questions in your mind, feel free to share them below in the comment box. You can also mail me your favourite Truth or Dare questions at and I will add them here in the list.



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