Baby Shower Games Ideas

baby shower games ideas

Baby Shower Games Ideas. Usually some close friend or a relative throws a baby shower for the mum-to-be and dad-to-be. The basic idea is that it has to be anyone except the parents-to-be.

When Should a Baby Shower Happenbaby shower games ideas

Baby showers can be arranged anytime during pregnancy but usually people prefer getting a shower in later months of pregnancy. The baby shower held in the later months somehow seems to be a welcome party for the baby and moreover the shower seems more real with a would-be-mom with a big belly.

Before setting a date for the baby shower, make sure that all the expected guests are ready to come. Take into account their prior commitments. It is a nice idea to call all the good friends of parents-to-be and if you want to call the grandparents, it would be wonderful.

Many couples decide to have a baby shower after the baby is born, so actually it depends entirely on your choice. The Baby Shower party is a very sentimental celebration for the parents-to-be and thus it has to be special. You can make the baby shower interesting and enjoyable with some exciting baby shower games ideas. Check out some unique and dirty bridal shower games ideas to fill your shower with laughter and fun.

Baby Shower Games Ideas

Below is a list of some unique baby shower games and ideas, these games will surely bring the laughter and fun in your shower party.

Baby Shower Games Ideas

  1. Baby Shower Lotto
  2. Dirty Diaper Wins
  3. Dress Up The Baby    
  4. Feed The Baby
  5. Dress Like a Baby
  6. Hold It Tight
  7. Men At Laundry                  
  8. Baby Shower Word Game
  9. Baby Shower Bingo
  10. Baby Shower Scrabble
  11. Babies Names Race
  12. Feed the Partner With Eye Mask On
  13. Tie the Diaper to the Baby
  14. Make a Tummy Belt For Mommy
  15. Try Catching The Donuts
  16. Play With Cotton Balls
  17. Pee as Much as You Can
  18. Ultimate Fun With Balloons
  19. Where is The Baby
  20. Tie The Diaper Before Baby Pees
  21. Try Being a Baby
  22. Diaper Relay Race
  23. Men Get Pregnant
  24. Old Wives Tales
  25. Pass The Pacifier
  26. Guessing Games
  27. Guess The Baby Items In The Bag
  28. Baby Charades
  29. Animal Baby Names
  30. Take the Baby To The Womb
  31. Baby Picture Match Game
  32. Alphabet Category Game
  33. Find The Animals In Rhymes
  34. Don’t Say Baby
  35. Drink It Baby
  36. I delivered the Baby
  37. Nab The Nipples

I hope you liked the baby shower games ideas here in my post. Do let me know if you need any help to arrange your baby shower. I am here always to help you out with all your queries regarding party games and ideas.


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