Master Chef Theme Tambola Ticket: Kitty Party Tambola Game

master chef theme tambola ticket

The Master Chef Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas is one of the most admired and loved kitty party theme by the ladies worldwide and I am getting many emails and messages regarding the master chef theme tambola ticket. So finally I have made a master chef theme tambola ticket for the lovely ladies.

You just need to download the image and get the printouts on a had paper from any of your nearby cyber cafe. Take the printout of plain image and write the numbers as shown in the image.

Dividends in Master Chef Theme Tambola Ticketmaster chef theme tambola ticket

  • When you cut the two numbers written in the bowl you can claim- I made the soup
  • When you cut the five number on the chef cap, you can claim- I wore the chef cap
  • When you cut the four numbers written on the apron, you can claim- I wore the apron
  • When you cut the numbers wrote in the book, you can claim- I got the recipe
  • When you cut all the numbers, you can claim the house and say- I am the master chef

Download this plain image and get the printoutsmasterchef theme tambola ticket ladies kitty party games

If you want you can change the dividends in Hindi and say, maine soup banaya, maine chef cap peheni, maine apron pehena, mujhe recipe mil gayi and main master chef hu. 

This tambola can be played with the simple tambola numbers and board, however you might like to see the tambola rhymes which make syour tambola a bit interesting for players.

Image Credit: Dreamstime


  1. hi shiwangi
    ya I wan’t some tambola game ideas in master chef theme.
    can u please help me.
    I want the tambola tickets idea also related to theme


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