Tambola Number Rhymes (Tambola Nicknames)

Tambola Number Rhymes (Tambola Nicknames)

If you go to a kitty party, you might surely be aware of the Tambola Games. Tambola is one of the most common games played in a kitty party and the best part about Tambola is that it can be played well even in a big group. Every age group, be a man or a woman love to play the tambola games.

In our kitty party, we often call the Tambola game numbers with some Tambola Number Rhymes (Tambola Nicknames) to make it more interesting. Here are the tambola number rhymes we use in our kitty party.

Check the list out of tambola number rhymes

1                     Son of Gun

2                     You and me

3                     Buy 2 get 1 free

4                     Murgi chor / Aar ya paar- number 4

5                     Hum Panch/ shere punjab

6                     In a fix/ bottom heavy

7                     Lucky for all

8                     Sexy babe at no.8/ one fat major/ one fat lady

9                     U are mine/ doctor’s time

10                 Dus numbari / badmash number 10

11                 Those beautiful legs

12                 Mid night/  one doz number

13                 Lucky for some

14                 Adolosence/ Valentines

15                 Independence/ Still unkissed

16                 Sweet 16/ just kissed

17                 Not so sweet

18                 Voting age

19                 Last of the teens

20                 Blind one score

21                 The famous restaurant/ marriageable age

22                 Two little ducks

23                 You & me

24                 Two doz number

25                 Silver Jublee

26                 Bole mere lips I love 26

27                 A black raven

28                 Out on a date

29                 Rise & shine

30                 Don’t play dirty/ women goes naught at 30 thirty

31                 Baskin Robin’s

32                 Binaca smile

33                 All the three’s/ dirty knee

34                 Lions roar

35                 A flirty wife

36                 Chatis ka Aankda

37                 Lime & Lemon

38                 Me & my fat mate

39                 Watch your waist line

40                 Men get naughty at 40

41                 Kiss and run

42                 Bharat chodo / Quit Indi

43                 Climb a tree

44                 Dil ke chor/ all the fours

45                 Half way thru

46                 Choke, chake maro

47                 Independence

48                 U are not late

49                 Marooning Line/ your waistline

50                 Golden Jubliee/ half a century

51                 Auspicious

52                 Pack of the cards

53                 Pack with joker/ A little wild but free

54                 House of bamboo door

55                 All the fives/ dono bhai

56                 Whisky, Beer do not mix

57                 Banegi baat at panch aur saat

58                 Retirement age

59                 Do I hear a line at 59

60                 3 Score

61                 Done- dana-dan done

62                 Over haul is due

63                 Kisses come free

64                 Hardcore

65                 Harem of wives

66                 All the 6’s click 66

67                 Haath mein haath 6 aur 7

68                 Mota seth

69                 Anyway up/ ulta pulta

70                 Lucky Blind

71                 Setting sun

72                 A different view

73                 Savitriji

74                 Still want more

75                 Diamond jubilee

76                 Run out of tricks

77                 Two hockey sticks/ thanda lemon

78                 Wipe the slate

79                 Old and senile

80                 Blind 4 score

81                 Said and done

82                 Down with flu

83                 Grandma’s age

84                 Haggard and bored

85                 Still alive

86                 Pick up a walking stick

87                 Nearing heaven

88                 Two fat majors

89                 Penultimate

90                 Top of the house blind 90

If you have some more of such interesting Tambola Number Rhymes, feel free to add them below in the comment box.


  1. Hiiii shivangi
    I would like to have tambola game for monsoon ladies kitty wid some fun added……will be thankful if u can mail me smthing….

  2. Hey,
    can u plz help me in tambola game but the theme requirement is based on Incredible India.
    can u plz help me out. waiting for ur reply.

    • Hello Sadhna, thats an interesting theme. We don’t have any tambola for this theme curently but we can surely design one for you. Do let us know if you want us to help you.


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