Guess The Movies: Bollywood Paper Party Game

game for ladies kitty party

Adding a new game to my series of paper party games for ladies kitty party. This is a one-minute paper game where players have to guess the Bollywood movies seeing the pictures in one minute. This is a paper game for ladies kitty party and thus you need to take the printouts according to the strength of your kitty party.

Things Required- All you need to do is to download the image below and get the printouts.

Download the Game Sheets Below

bollywood kitty party paper gamegame for ladies kitty party

How to play Bollywood Movies Quiz-

  • Give one paper to each member
  • Explain the game to them.
  • Blow the whistle and start the game.
  • Snatch the pens when one minute is over.
  • The member who guesses maximum correct answers will be the winner of this game.

Answers to the game for ladies kitty party

  • 2 States
  • Bombay Velvet
  • Band Baja Baraat
  • Raamleela
  • The Lunchbox
  • Special 26
  • Chennai Express
  • Dedh Ishquia
  • Ungli
  • Revolver Rani
  • 1 Tha Tiger

This is a very simple paper party game and suits to all age groups, may it be a youngers kitty party group or a kitty party with old age ladies. They just have to see the images and guess the movie. You can download the game sheet from the image above. Just right click your mouse and click on ‘save image as’. The image will be downloaded to your PC. You can also go to any nearby cyber cafe to get the game sheet downloaded and printed for your ladies kitty party. I am uploading both game sheets and do let me know if you have any trouble in downloading, so that I can mail you the sheet directly.




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