Ganpati Tambola: Tambola Game For Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati Tambola

Ganesh Chaturthi is on September 17th and if you are planning to keep your kitty party on this theme, you might surely be looking for some relevant Ganpati Games. Today I am sharing an interesting Ganpati Tambola for you all, do check it and let me know if you liked it or not, via comments.

Ganpati Tambola

Ganpati Tambola

Things Required

  • Print outs of the ticket shown above.
  • Tambola board
  • Tambola numbers

How To Play Ganpati Tambola

  • Get the Ganpati tambola tickets printed from the image shown below.
  • Write two numbers on each modak.
  • Give one ticket to each member and play it with the simple tambola numbers and board. ganpati tambola plain ticket

The dividends in this special Ganesh chaturthi tambola are-

  1. गणपति खायें पहला मोदक (जब पहले मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)
  2. गणपति खायें दुसरा मोदक (जब दुसरे मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)
  3. गणपति खायें तीसरा मोदक (जब तीसरे मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)
  4. गणपति खायें चौथा मोदक  (जब चौथे मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)
  5. गणपति खायें पाँचवा मोदक  (जब पाँचवे मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)
  6. गणपति खायें छ्ठा मोदक  (जब छ्ठे मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)
  7. गणपति खायें सारे मोदक  (जब सारे मोदक के नम्बर कट जायें)

You can keep some small Ganpati idols for the tambola dividends here to make the game and theme more interesting and theme relevant.

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    • Hey Prachi you can download the plain ticket and get them printed from any photo studio. You then have to write two numbers on each modak and your ticket is ready. If you want we can send you the tickets and we will charge 300 Rs. for 30 tickets. Do let us know if you want us to do that for you.


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