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Tambola Ticket For Holi Theme Kitty Party

Holi is very near and all the kitty parties to be held in the next month will surely be based on Holi theme. Theme would be complete only when there are Holi special one minute games. I am today here adding a Holi special Tambola ticket design which will certainly add-on the entertainment and fun in your Holi Theme Kitty Party. 

Read more to download the Holi Special Tambola Ticket

I have created this special tambola ticket on demand of my special reader. I hope she finds it useful and fun filled. This ticket has 8 dividends- seven colored hand and 8th is the space in the centre. You can add numbers in the colored hands and few numbers in the centre. Keep the tambola dividends in the name of colors ,for example- Laal Gulal, Hara Gulal etc. The dividend in the center can be named as Holi Mubarak.

holi tambola ticket

These Tambola tickets are for free now but I am soon starting selling these tickets …so are you the lucky one to get it for free??

To download this ticket, just right click your mouse and then click on ‘save image as’ and then ‘save’. The ticket will be downloaded in the destined folder and then you can get the printout from any nearby cybercafe.

Happy Holi 🙂


    • Sorry Puja..I don’t sell them. Created this blog just to have fun with my online kitty party members. You can download the ticket from here and get it printed from any cyber cafe in your locale.

    • Hey ruchi, you can divide the numbers as you like. You can write 3 numbers in each colored palm and keep the dividends as said in the post.

  1. Hi I m anamika can u suggest the tambola game for rainbow theme,how can I write the number in the rainbow lines pls help me.

  2. Hi plz suggest me some Holi theme fun games for couple kitty party n Holi tambola games with some good variations in the game give me team game n couple game too and can u give some punctuality game based on Holi theme .


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