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Rakhi Theme Tambola Tickets . In the month of August when we have many festivals to celebrate, Rakshabandhan is the best idea to make a Tambola Game on. We had a kitty party yesterday and the host brought up this excellent Rakhi theme tambola tickets. This Tambola Game seems to be a common one but trust me it was very interesting Tambola Game with interesting tambola dividends. 

Tambola Games

You can see the tambola ticket here and can make it at your home. It is pretty easy to make these special theme tambola tickets.

How to make these Rakhi theme tambola tickets-

  • First make a list of 15 words related to the festival Rakhi.
  • My friend included the words like – Rakhi, Mithai, Radha Krishna, Vrindavan, Phool, Jhanda, Jhoole, Barsaat, Morpankh, Hare Libas, Teej, Mehandi, Chudiyan, Hariyali and Teeka.
  • Now make 15 columns on a paper with shape and size of a tambola ticket and write these 15 words on them. Change the order of words in every tambola ticket.
  • Now copy the tambola numbers from the normal tambola ticket on these 15 columns.

There are 17 dividends in this Tambola game. 15 Words are the dividends and two houses (Happy Rakhi and Happy Janamashtami). Hope you understood the Tambola Game clear. In case you have any doubts in this tambola game, please leave your doubt as a comment below. I am always there to help you with your kitty party games.



  1. hello
    i am want to play rakhi tambola can u pl explain in detail.After making the tickets how will announce nos and how to claim the dividends and what is the use of nos because we using the worlds.tell me as soon as possible.
    thanks prabha

    • Hello Prabha..this is pretty simple. You will call out the numbers as usual and suppose I have Teej word in my ticket at number 23.. So when the host will call out number 23 I will say yes get the dividend of Teej. After I get Teej,no other player can claim that dividend. These 15 words are the dividends, and two houses are simple when all the numbers are cut it will be a house.
      It is better you make the envelopes of 15 words dividends and give it to the member claiming the prize hand to hand. Do write on a paper that Teej is over..
      Hope it is clear now, but if not you can ask me any questions 🙂

  2. Can u plz elaborate a bit , as i have 4 prizes to give, confused about 15 dividends . in this ticket she has selected 3 festivals teej, janmasthami, and rakshabandhan so will have the number as per housie then what is the importance of the words….Thanx

  3. It is good to know about Rakhi Theme based Tambola. On many such occassions in India we play tambola game when we are in groups large or small.

  4. hi.. i m going to host a kitty in d month of oct. i want the theme to be a mix of all the festivals starting from navratri to diwali. Can u please suggest me any 1 minute fun activity related to this theme

  5. Hi can u pls explain how to play cos these 15 words will be their on every ticket and if first person with no.23 called says teej over that means rest other people cant claim for the same right reply

  6. hi cn u plz suggest how to make this game when members in a kitty are 30 and numbers in tickets keep on repeating example in such a big group if no. 4 is on teej, hariyali, Rakhi and Mithai on four diff tickets…what to do in such case. reply

    • Hey Reema..it will be made same as with 20 members. Number of members is not a criteria here.No matter how many members you have in your kitty, you can play this tambola..

  7. thts fine….i have another doubt that….on same number if people claim different words then each member (who claims) wud win….right? reply

    • This wont happen dear…you will write same words on each ticket. Number might be different but words would be claimed only once. It seems a bit confusing but is very simple to play. Trust me its easy. We played this game in our kitty and had fun.

  8. Hi..
    Can u pls suggest some game ideas which can be played on the day of mehandi of a wedding.or some games on shaadi based theme…


  9. Hey shiwangi
    This is an interesting twist to thambola but em a lil confused
    Like if ticket 1 has teej on number 5
    N ticket 2 has Mehndi on number 5
    Then who will win
    Cause when I call number 5 both will call out for their words
    So who wins
    Em really confused
    Pls elaborate

    • Hey Priyal..see it is like this-
      Host will call number normally as 1-90 we call in regular tambola and in between she will call these 15 words too randomly. So if you have word Jhooley at 25 number, you first have to get the number cut to claim the word. Like if you want JHOOLA DIVIDEND, that number should also be cut. Hope m clear..


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