Parineeti Chopra Reveals Her Weight Loss Secrets

parineeti chopra weight loss secrets

Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss Secrets. The gorgeous Bollywood actress, Parineeti Chopra has finally revealed her weight loss secrets. The lady as we all know had recently put on some ugly fat bulges around her belly area which were certainly taking her grace and hotness away. While I never believe that hotness has anything to do with zero figured body, but then again, she used to look a stunner when she was in shape. Well, all is well now and the lady has gained her original silhouette back and is looking even sexier in her new glass honed figure.

Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss Secrets
parineeti chopra weight loss secrets

See what Parineeti Chopra has to say about her weight loss program-

“For the last few months, I have been working on myself. I have lost a lot of weight, and I am much fitter now. I was so busy last year that I didn’t get the time to work on myself. I neglected my health, but now, I make sure I take care of it. I’m doing a form of Kerala martial arts called Kalaripayattu. I do it every day for an hour. It has made me more flexible, stronger, and has also helped build my stamina. I don’t like going through the regular gym routine to lose weight. It really bores me. I guess I couldn’t multi-task. I was working day in and day out, and not taking care of my health. I not only looked unhealthy, but also felt it. I wanted to feel energetic, but I was just constantly tired. So, I decided to change that. We always aim to get thin. But that’s not enough. We should feel fit from the inside. I was unfit and overweight. Now as I am losing weight and getting fitter, I should soon be where I want to be.Under this program, the patient has to undergo several tests in order to determine what his or her body can tolerate. Depending on that, a diet chart for six months is drawn, which the clients have to strictly adhere to. And it costs between Rs 5-10 lakh for a 15 to 30 day- course, depending on the program.

The amazing Parineeti has no reason to be overweight. She is just 26 years old and her ugly bulged and dressing sense has lately been the favourite subject for the fashion police. Finally the gorgeous actress Parineeti has joined the race of actresses who have started to maintain her figure along with acting capabilities.



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