5 Funny Office Party Games For Workplace

ice-breaker games with balloons

Funny Office Party Games . Arranging the office parties and playing some interesting Office holiday party games is a great way to bring colleagues together for a little fun and relaxation. Every company should break away from the normal workplace with some funny and nice team building games for workplace office holiday party game ideas. 

Funny Office Party Games For Workplace

1. Duct Tape Game This team building game looks easier but is not that easy to play. However, if you are arranging it as your office party game, it might be the best. To play this game you have to divide your guests in two or more groups. Now tie the members legs with each other using a duct tape. For example, take right leg or member A and left leg of member B, then right leg of member B to the left leg of member C. Got it? Check the image below to understand better. team building games for workplace

Now as the time starts Team 1 will star moving from the line to the first box, then second box, then third box and finally to the finish line. The team which manages to do so in the minimum time limit will be the winner of this ice-breaker game. 

2. Burst The Balloons Together This is a simple yet very interesting game but only if you have some enthusiastic people in your office staff. This is actually one of the most funny office party games for workplace  I have ever played in a party. To play this game, all you need are a few balloons and nothing else. Divide your office collogues in two teams or you can make it three if you have a large gathering. Make them stand in a line with balloons in between. Check out the image below to know more about this game. ice-breaker games with balloons

Make a finish line at some distance. Now as the time starts for this icebreaker game the line has to move towards the finish line without dropping any balloon. If they drop any balloon before reaching the finish line they will start again from the start line. As they reach the finish line they have to burst all the balloons together in a bang. The team performing better in this party game will be the winner of this team building game at work. 

3. ClipBoard Tennis– To play this fun party game at your workplace, you need a few clip boards,buckets, strings and many table tennis balls. It would be easier and better to divide the party members into couples for this game but you can also play if you have teams in your party. If you have teams, call two members from each team and if you have couples you can call 3-4 couples at a time to play this game. This is one of the best and funny office party games for workplace.

team building games for workplace



4. Melon Cards – You need a big, red water melon and few packs of card and two tables of course. These things are easily available and you can arrange this game in your office parties, kitty parties or even in the birthday parties. Place the two tables at a distance. Try to play this game at home first to set the distance. On one table keep the watermelon as shown in the picture below and on the other table keep the packs of cards.party games with melon and card

Now call the members one by one to play this game. Every member will get one minute to throw maximum cards to the watermelon. The member who sticks maximum number of cards in one minute will be the winner of this game. This is again one minute party game and thus player will get one minute to play the game. The player will come near the cards table and host will start the stop watch. The player then has to throw the card in such a way to stuck it in the watermelon. Kids love to throw the artifacts and this I feel that this could be one of the very interesting kids party games. The player who sticks maximum cards in the melon will win this party game.

5. Balloony Dance- 

Call all the office members on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet. bridal shower games

Start some chirpy dance number and make everyone dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their balloons intact. Everyone has to make sure that their balloons are intact if they want to win this game. You can bring different twists in this game such as to tie balloons on both feet. 

So this was my list of 5 best and funny office party games. Do let me know if you have some more ideas for office party games and activities.


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