Ice-breaker Games : Burst The Balloons Together

ice-breaker games with balloons

This is just the second party game in my category of Ice-breaker games. This is moreover best suitable as the icebreaker games for adults, but you can anyway arrange it in your kid’s birthday party with teenage kids.

Ice-Breaker games for adults

This is a simple yet very interesting game but only if you have some enthusiastic people in your kitty party or any other party you are planning it in. This is actually one of the best games for groups  I have ever played in a party.

To play this game, all you need are a few balloons and nothing else.

How to play ice-breaker games Burst the balloons together

Divide your kitty party members in two teams or you can make it three if you have a large gathering. Make them stand in a line with balloons in between. I hope you get what I am saying. If not, the picture below will explain this party game easily. ice-breaker games with balloons

Make a finish line at some distance. Now as the time starts for this icebreaker game the line has to move towards the finish line without dropping any balloon. If they drop any balloon before reaching the finish line they will start again from the start line. As they reach the finish line they have to burst all the balloons together in a bang.

The team performing better in this party game will be the winner of this ice-breaker game.



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