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Birthday Party Games . It is always a difficult task to decide games for children in a birthday party and  the reason behind is that we have the kids of different age group in a birthday party. Also, the girls and boys have a different taste of birthday games they want to play.

Birthday Party Games With Balloons birthday party games

After getting so many mails and messages from my kitty party readers, I ‘ve finally decided to put some interesting and funny birthday party games and ideas here in my website.

The game I am posting today is a very funny and interesting game. Though it can be played in a kitty party also but suits best as a birthday party game.

To arrange this birthday party game you may need some good enough space and many balloons. There is no time limit in this game and all kids can play this game simultaneously. Call all the children in the middle of the hall and tie one balloon to each children’s foot. Blow the whistle and the game starts.

The children playing this game have to burst the balloons tied on other kid’s feet and  the kid last having its balloon safely tied will be the winner of the game. Remember the kids will run and fall to play this game so better be alert and prepared.

Have fun !


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