Indoor Party Games – Card In The Melon

party games with cards

Have you ever played any indoor party games with watermelon?

I don’t think so.

I have never played any outdoor or indoor party games using a watermelon. This is a new party game I just came through and found it worth sharing here on my website. This is a very simple yet difficult party game at the same time.  You know what! I feel that this could be one of the exciting kids party games also to set in a birthday party.

Indoor Party Games For Ladies Kitty Party

party games with cards

Things You Need for play the party game – Card In The Melon

A big, red water melon and few packs of card and two tables of course. These things are easily available and you can arrange it as  kids party games also.

How to play – Card in the Melon

Place the two tables at a distance. Try to play this game at home first to set the distance. On one table keep the watermelon as shown in the picture below and on the other table keep the packs of cards.

party games with melon and card


Now call the members one by one to play this game. Every member will get one minute to throw maximum cards to the watermelon. The member who sticks maximum number of cards in one minute will be the winner of this game.

party games with cards

This is again one minute party game and thus player will get one minute to play the game. The player will come near the cards table and host will start the stop watch. The player then has to throw the card in such a way to stuck it in the watermelon. Kids love to throw the artifacts and this I feel that this could be one of the very interesting kids party games.

The player who sticks maximum cards in the melon will win this party game.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubt about this game or any other outdoor or indoor party games here.


  1. I am planning to keep dhaba as my kitty theme. Can u
    Suggest something for decoration for that theme and
    Any good games also.


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