Funny Couple Party Games

funny couple party games

What else can be a better idea than funny couple party games to spice up your couple kitty party? Today I am sharing two of the very funny couple party games which we played in our party recently.

Funny Couple Party Games

Waist Flower Pots

funny couple party games

This is one of the funniest couple party games I have ever played. It involves both husband and wife equally. To play this game in your party, you need a cloth, two bathroom mugs and few flowers or balls. Call the couple in the playing area and ask the wife to tie the cloth on her waist and hang two bathroom mugs on both sides as shown in the image below. Now make the husband stand at a set distance and his challenge is to throw the flowers or balls in the mugs. Wife can move her waist to catch the items in her mugs, but she is not allowed to use her hands. The fun begins when the wife moves her waist here and there trying to catch the flowers.

Count your assets

This is again one of the very funny couple party games for all ages. For playing this game, you just need few big sized envelopes and a stop watch. Make every couple sit together and give them an envelope each. Now set your stopwatch to one minute and ask them to keep their things in the envelope. They can put anything they have in their wallets, purse hands or pockets. The winner will be decided on the basis of number of things in the envelope. This game can be played with all couples at one go and after one minute take every couple’s envelope and count the things and the couple getting maximum number of things in the envelope will be the winner.

Both of these funny couple party games are one minute games that means the couples will get a minute each to play and win these games. These are funny games and will surely double the quotient of fun and laughter in your party.


  1. Suggest me a theme for a 25th wedding Anniversary

    Please Reply at the earliest also couple games

    • Hi Shweta you can keep flowery theme, bachpan theme, budhapa theme, retro theme, amitabh bachchan theme, goan theme, marriage theme, or black and white theme. Do let me know if you like any one of these, then I will suggest you the game accordingly.

  2. Ap Ki kitti parti Mai bhut acchai games hotai hai mujhai please 1mint Kai easy game’s batlana 1hi members khel Saki

  3. Hi Shiwangi,
    The games on ur link are so helpful n interesting. I always keep on checking them out. Also I will contact u for the theme ideas wen my party wud b pending….keep the gud work up

  4. Hello shiwangi..
    I really liked all your games..
    I am planning a sangeet for my wedding with loads of interesting games..
    Can you help me selecting one for senior citizen?


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