10 Best Office Party Games and Ideas

10 best office party games

10 Best Office Party Games and Ideas. Office games are perfect for bringing your team together and breaking a little ice. An office party can be very exciting or a total dud, its all in your hands. The nice, interesting and best office party games and ideas can bring a fun quotient in your office party. 

There are several interesting and best office party games and ideas that you can play at your office party that will not only ensure that everyone has a great time, but will also serve the dual purpose of being a team-building activity. These games need not be boring either. They could be loud, fun, and hugely entertaining. If you are planning for an office party and thinking of some games, this post may help you. Check out the list of 15 best games for office parties.

10 Best Office Party Games and Ideas

1. Poke The FoxnuutsAs you can see in the image above, in this game you would need many foxnuts and toothpicks. If you have teams then call one member from each team to play this game or if you want you can also make the players play this game individually. I would always suggest to play the games in teams because diving the members in teams lessens your efforts and time and double the fun and laughter quotient in your office party. You can also call 2-3 employees at a time to play this game.

best office party games and ideas


2. Card in the Melon-    Place the two tables at a distance. Try to play this game at home first to set the distance. On one table keep the watermelon as shown in the picture below and on the other table keep the packs of cards. Now call the members one by one to play this game. Every member will get one minute to throw maximum cards to the watermelon. The member who sticks maximum number of cards in one minute will be the winner of this game.

best office party games and ideas


3. Candies on the straw Fix 10 or more straws in the thermocol.  Keep the gems candies in a plate and give one straw to the player. Now as it is a one minute party game, the player will get one minute to complete this game. Player has to suck the gems candy from the plate and balance it on the straws fixed in the bowls. The player balancing maximum candies in one minute will win this game. This is one of the simple yet best office party games and ideas.

candy on the straw one minute party games

4. Stack The Apples– To play this party game, all you need is a bowl filled with same shaped apples. Make sure that the apples are almost same in shape. Being a one minute party game, the player will get only one minute to play this game. The player has to build a stack using these apples in one minute. The player who manages to build the stack with maximum apples will win the game.

party games with apples

5. Stick n Shift– This is a team game and you have to make teams before you start the game. Make the whole teams stand in two different lines facing each other. Place two table on each side of the hall and keep two bowls filled with cotton balls on one side and two empty bowls on the other side. On the table where you keep the bowl with cotton balls, also keep a big bottle of vaseline. When the host shouts START, all the members of team will come one by one->apply vaseline on the face-.dip the face in the cotton bowl and run to the table on the other side to shed the cotton balls there in the bowl. The basic game is to shift the cotton balls from one table to other.

kitty party games

6. Hit the sixer and Win– To arrange this office  party game , you need to do some homework beforehand. You will be needing a packing tape and many small gifts. You can select the gifts according to your members, for example if you are arranging this party game as a birthday party game, get the gifts according to children, and if you are arranging it as a kitty party game you better get some cosmetics like nailpaints, lipsticks, shampoo bottles, powders, eyeliners etc. Now wrap all the gifts in the packing tape and make a huge ball.

Make all the staff members sit in a circle first, or it could also be the rectangular sitting arrangement which we usually get in a restaurant. Now keep the ball with you first and give any member the dice. She/he will roll the dice, and if she gets the number six, she will get the chance to unwrap the big tape ball. She will get the gifts she unwraps and till then if someone else gets six, she will snatch the ball and start it untaping.

Kitty party games

7. The Number Game This is one of the 20 best office party games for your office parties. To play this game, you must have around 8-10 guests in your party. More are the people, bigger is the group, funnier will be the game. Start the music and call all the members to dance on the music. Just like we do in the musical chair dancing game, stop the music after every short duration and call out a number. The guests dancing on this dancing party game for groups then have to group up in that particular number.

dancing party games

8. Balance the blocks-  This is yet another from the list of simple yet best office party games and ideas. The name itself make sit pretty clear. Stack the blocks on the head..which means you have to stack these blocks on a plate kept on your head and balance it for a while. This is a one minute party game and thus members will get one minute of time to stack the blocks. The member who manage to balance more blocks on their plate will win this one minute party game. The picture below will make this one minute party game more clear. You can easily get these blocks in the market. These are just the alphabet blocks we use to teach our kids. Choose the medium size blocks, not so small and not so big. If you want to make the game even tougher you can ask  the female employees to walk wearing their heels. Read More

one miute party games

9. Heads On– The games goes like this. When all your office collogues are arrived give them a white disposable plate and a sketch pen each. All the guests then have to keep the plate on their heads and the host will start saying some words. The members them will draw the things announced by the host. For example you can say- Draw a line, now draw a tree, draw a sun, draw a star, draw a house etc etc. The member who come up with the best drawing will be the winner of this game. 10 best office party games

10. Break The Tower and You are Out-  For this game you have to bring many of polo candies and keep them all on a table. Now ask all the players to make a circle around the table. Now how the game goes is; every member will keep one candy and will make the tower. Now the player whose candy will break the tower will be out of the game. In the end you will get the winner for this party game. This is one of the best party games for big groups and brings a great fun if arranged properly. This is one of the best office party games and ideas to have fun and enjoy. 10 best office party games

These were the 10 best office party games and ideas which you can arrange in any of your office parties. An office party is the only time employees can be given a chance to have some fun, so one must keep organizing host regular meetings/activities that help elevate company morale.


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