One Minute Party Games For Kids

one minute party games for kids

It is pretty difficult to manage kids in a party because they get bored easily. If you are inviting kids in any of your parties, make sure that you have some interesting and funny one minute party games for kids. Also make sure that the games are not too difficult for them to play and win. Below are two of my favourite simple and funny one minute party games for kids-

One Minute Party Games For Kids

Sort Out The Gems

one minute party games for kidsThe task here it to pick up the gems candies with straw. You will need too many gems for this game. Take a big bowl and empty all packets of Gems in it. Call the kids altogether or one by one (up to you). Give them a straw each and their challenge is to pick up the candies using straw. The child who sorts the maximum number of candies will be the winner and get the prize.

Candy Elevatorone minute party games for kids

The challenge in this game is to bring the candies up from the ground and eat it without actually touching them. You have to build a delivery system to transmit the candies from ground to the mouth. You have to make this lift using to pencils and strings as cables. The player has to eat three candies using this bridge without actually touching them with hands. As shown in the image below, the player will stand on a platform and pull the lift with the strings and eat them. This is again one of the one minute party games for kids so the contestant will get only a minute to win it. If the candies fall in between, he/she can start again, but the challenge is to be completed in one minute. Failure in eating the candies in minute may result in elimination.


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