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One Minute Party Games With Grapes

one minute party games with grapes

We eat grapes but have you ever thought that we can play one minute party games with grapes too. Sound weird right? But yes you can play some interesting one minute party games with grapes, may it be a birthday party of your child or a ladies kitty party.

One Minute Party Games With Grapes

Grapes in the airone minute party games with grapes

This is a simple and interesting party game for all your parties. You need toothpicks and grapes for this game. This is a team game and you have to divide your guests into teams before you start the game.

  • Call the teams to the play area and give them a pack of toothpicks and a bunch of grapes.
  • The challenge is to make different shapes using grapes and toothpicks in one minute.
  • The rule is to use minimum 4 grapes in every figure.

Frozen Grapes Gamefront-frozen-grape-pops-new year party game

This is an individual game which means you have to call members one by one to play the game. You can also call a member from each team to play the game. You have to prepare the frozen grapes at least a day before your kitty party. Keep the frozen grapes in a chilled glass of soft drink and the challenge for the player is to eat those frozen grapes in one minute. The challenger who eats the maximum number of frozen grapes in a minute will be the winner of this game.

Couple Party Game with Grapesimages

This is a couple party game where the husband has to take the grapes from toothpick holding it in his mouth and make the wife eat it. Keep the grapes in a plate, the husband will hold a toothpick in his mouth, pick a grape and put it in the mouth of his wife. None of them can use their hands to eat the grapes. The couple who eats maximum number of grapes in a minute will be the winner of this game.

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