Christmas Party Games : Heads On Christmas Eve!!

ladies kitty party game

Christmas party games . Christmas is just round the corner and most of  the kitty parties to be held this month are based on the Christmas Theme. So here I am with another game in my list of Christmas Party Games. This is one of the most interesting party games for the Christmas Party. The best part about this game is that you can arrange this game in a big group also, such as some club gatherings or the office parties.

Christmas Party Games For Big Groupsladies kitty party game
The games goes like this. When all your kitty members or the party guests are arrived give them a white disposable plate and a sketch pen each. All the guests then have to keep the plate on their heads and the host will start saying the words related to Christmas. The members them will draw the things announced by the host.funny ladies kitty party game

For example you can say- Draw a line, now draw a Christmas tree, draw a sun, draw a star, draw a house etc etc.

The member who come up with the best drawing will be the winner of this game. I am sure everyone will bring funny drawings. Check what I made 🙂

Hope I am clear with the game and if you have any doubts with the game, you can leave the comment below in the comment box.




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