Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Toddlers

birthday party theme ideas

Birthday parties are always special for kids as well as their parents and thus it becomes very important to organize it well and add lots and lots of fun. Birthday parties can be more of fun with interesting birthday party games and exciting gifts, but when you are throwing a birthday party of toddle or when most of your guests are toddlers, it becomes a bit difficult to please them.

birthday party theme ideas


Kids of age-group 2-4 become bored of anything very soon and thus we can’t make them happy or keep them engage for long with a gift item or with a game. Thus if you are planning a birthdat party of your toddler, try making it a theme party. Choose some interesting, colorful and joyful theme. This article on kitty groups online brings you some interesting birthday party theme ideas for your toddlers.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Toddlers

1.    Balloon Party

Throw many balloons all over your party hall, make sure there are different shapes, sizes , colors of ballons so that the kids get enthused with them. Make some cartoon characters with the balloon desiging and also keep some games like Ultimate fun with balloons, balloon burtsing, bang balloon and balloon line etc.

2.    Clay Party

Letting the children making mess is something which makes them really happy. Clay party can be an ideal choice for a birthday party theme of toddlers. Don’t make the party much organized and well decorated, let them make a mess out of clay and see how happy they are. Do rememer to mention the birthday party theme on the invitation cards, so that the parents can send them in normal clothes. Make all the kids sit on  the floor and give them lots of clay and water to create things. Help them in making some items using stensils. The party will be a mess but the laughter of kids will make it up for sure.

3.    Pool Party/foam party

Kids love making fun in water and foam so keeping a pool theme birthday party can be a good idea. Don’t make it like an adult pool party. Keep it more of fun, creams, play and entertainment. Arrange a small pool for kids, add some inflated toys in it and also plan some fun water activities for kids, water games like pinnata, Sponge relay etc. Ask the parents to send a set of extra clothes for the kids to change after party or it will be better to ask mommys to join the party with kids.

4.    Cartoon Theme Party

Kids love watching cartoons and what else could be a better idea for a birthday party them for toddler. This is one of the best birthday party theme ideas for toddlers and is also very easy to arrange. You can decorate your party hall with cartoon cutouts and also can call some party bunnies to entertain the kids. Give them small toys of their favorite cartoon characters as return gift and let them play with the cutouts and cartoon bunnies. Do not set any games, just let them play the way they want.

These were some of my birthday party theme ideas for toddlers. With these ideas you can plan a super-duper, fun 2 year old birthday party for your toddlers. Do hit the like button if you liked my birthday party ideas. Also feel free to share your own birthday party theme ideas.




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