Hilarious Baby Shower Games : Ultimate Fun With Balloons

Ultimate Fun With Balloons

Hilarious Baby Shower Games . Funny isn’t it !!

Yes it is indeed a very funny baby shower game for your baby shower party. This is one of the best baby shower games indeed and trust me you won’t stop laughing if you arrange this party game in your baby shower party. To arrange this baby shower game, you just need many balloons of different sizes and colors and thats it.

Hilarious Baby Shower Games

hilarious baby shower games

I guess the picture has made it all clear but I will still explain you how to play this baby shower game with balloons. Your guests at baby shower party will play this baby shower game one by one. What players have to do is to shift the balloons from one table to other. They will get only one chance and they have to take as much as balloons as they can in this one chance.

They can insert the balloons in their dress anywhere they want, they can also tie the balloon on their waist, their wrist, hands, head, around the neck or anywhere they want. The main goal of a player should be to shift more and more balloons from one table to the other. To increase the fun quotient blow the balloons as bigger as you can. Bigger are the balloons, funnier the players will look. Do not forget taking the funny pictures of the members playing this game. I have included in the list of hilarious baby shower games as it created a huge fun and laughter in my friend’s baby shower party. However you can always arrange it as a birthday party game as kids would love filling the balloons in their dress. Believe me it is very funny to watch your friends inserting balloons here and there in their dresses and tying them all around their body. They look really funny and hilarious while playing this game.

Try it and let me know how it was !!!


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