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Radio Mirchi Theme Party

Radio mirchi theme party ideas

Radio Mirchi Theme Party is an Interesting Theme For Kitty Party. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes Radio Mirchi is an interesting and fun theme for your party and if managed and executed well can be a great hit. Check out the Radio Mirchi Theme Party Ideas in the article below-

Interesting Theme For Kitty Party: Radio Mirchi Theme Party

Interesting Theme For Kitty Party

Radio Mirchi Theme Party Ideas of Invitation

Send computer printed informal invitations to the guests. The wordings can be –

This is your RJ (Your Name) calling From Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM
There is a Mirch Party, especially for you,
Come on time to have fun,
masti and dhamaal,
That is all what you have to do

Radio Mirchi Theme Party Ideas For Decorations and Dresscode

The best thing about this theme is that everything is so casual. You can have the party outdoors or indoors without worrying about the decoration aspect as this theme has a great entertainment value. All you need to make sure is that our house is looking neat and tidy. Ask your guests to come dressed in their casual wear. Appropriate decoration make it even more Interesting Theme For Kitty Party.

Radio Mirchi Theme Party Ideas for Games and Activities

Game #1: Latest Movie Trivia Quiz: Ask your guests interesting questions about latest movies and serials like the RJs. Give away a small prize for each correct answer.

Game #2: Pehchaan Kaun : Pre-record the voices of some famous actors/actresses. Ask the guests to identify them. You can also have some popular dialogues of the movies pre-recorded and ask the guests to identify the actor whose dialogue it is. This game, suit best for this Interesting Theme For Kitty Party.

Game-3 Golden Era Of Radio: Give some articles like soap, shampoo, brush, key or pencil etc. and ask the teams to make a jingle about the given item in ‘Ameen Sayani’ style.

Game-4 Karaoke: Have a karaoke system arranged for the party and let your guests also try their hand do some singing and RJ-ing. Write the names of some latest movie on several chits and keep them in a bowl. Ask your guests to pick up a chit and sing a song or say a dialogue from that movie which is written on the chit.

Game#4: Slogan Game– Call out some famous slogans from the brands and give a prize to the player or the team guessing it right. Make sure you take some old and some new slogans for this game, also select only the popular ones.

The most important tip to make your party a huge hit is to have an anchor your party in the RJ style. Try your hand at it, you will enjoy! You can also hire a professional Orchestra group and have your guests give them their requests for the song.

Have anything that you like for the menu. If possible, get the food catered from your favourite eating joint and do some publicity of the same in the RJ style. Do let me know via comments if you liked this Interesting Theme For Kitty Party.


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