Funny Bachelorette Party Games

Ultimate Fun With Balloons

Funny Bachelorette Party Games. If you are a soon to-be-bride, arrange a bachlorette party and go crazy with your friends. Do what you want to do before you get tied in the knot. Have fun and enjoy like a spinster for the last time. While most of the girls prefer throwing their bachelorette party outdoors, in some bars or disco but there is nothing better than arranging one at home.

Bachelorette party at home is very relaxing and you can have fun with  your friends throughout the day. As we know that no bachelorette can be complete without the interesting and funny bachelorette party games along with some dance, drink and fun. This kitty groups article brings you some ideas of bachelorette party games at home.

Funny Bachelorette Party Games

  1. Broom and Paper RollFunny Bachelorette Party Games

You will need a few brooms and many tissue paper rolls for this game. One member will hold the broom inn the knees and other member will hold the tissue paper roll in between the knees. The member with the broom in his/her knees will push the broom and try inserting the tissue paper roll into the broom. The picture below will make the things more clear. This is a one minute party game, and all the pairs will get one minute to play this party game. The pair of girls who manages to insert the broom in paper roll in one minute will win be the winner. This is one of the naughtiest bachlorette party games to play at home.

  1. Pop up the cherrydirtiest bridal shower games 1

This is again a game for two people and so divide your guests in pairs. Tie the cherry string on one partner’s waist and ask the other partner to bend down as shown in the image. Now the standing partner will push the waist in a manner so that the sitting partner can grab it in her mouth. You never know with this game, some can grab it in first attempt or some can’t get it even after too many attempts. So just check the time taken by every couple and the couple who takes least time will be declared the winner. This is one of naughtiest and funny bachelorette party games.

  1. Blindfold Shiftkitty party games with cotton

Call the friends one by one in  the playing area and blindfold them with a soft cloth. Give them the bowl full of cotton balls, a spoon and a plate. They just have to keep the plate over their head and shift the cotton balls from the bowl to the plate. This is a very simple kitty party game and thus suits all age groups. You can play this game with kids in children’s birthday party or with middle aged ladies in your ladies kitty party. You can also call 4-5 members to play this game simultaneously if you are in short of time.

  1. Alphabet Trail

Pick any particular topic of discussion, make sure it is a bit silly so that it may create more fun. Any girls in your bacheloretter party will start the game and say a name on that topic. For example you pick the topic, sexy boyfriend and the first girl says David Hurley, the other girl has to say a name starting with alphabet Y. The game moves on and the girl who takes more than 5 seconds to speak up will be disqualified.

  1. Ultimate Fun with BalloonsUltimate Fun With Balloons

This is one of the most funny bachelorette party games. In this game what players have to do is to shift the balloons from one table to other. They will get only one chance and they have to take as much as balloons as they can in this one chance. They can fill balloons anywhere in their dress to carry more and more of balloons at one go. The girl taking the maximum number of balloons in one chance will be the winner of this game.

I’ve suggested you some very simple yet naughty and funny bachelorette party games which you can play at your home without any much thing required. Make sure that you don’t pick more than 2-3 games for your party or else the guests will be bored. Keep more of dance, drinks and girly talks in your party and enjoy your singlehood.



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