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So, the monsoon is already here and most of my readers and kitty party friends are looking for the monsoon kitty party games, so here I am with a list of 5 Best Monsoon kitty party games. Not everyone is willing to throw a Teej theme party or a Janmashtami theme kitty party, so if you are planning to host a Monsoon theme party, this post is just for you.

Monsoon Theme Kitty Party Invitation

SO before we start with the games and ideas, let me share my own designed monsoon theme kitty party invitation., You can download this image and share this invite with your friends via WhatsApp.

5 Best Monsoon Kitty Party Games

  1. Umbrella Rain

In this game, the members have to decorate the umbrella with the paper ribbons. They will cut the ribbons and use water to stick it on the edges of the umbrella. Read more about this game here.

Watch this video below to learn more about this game

2. Monsoon Tambola

Here is a colorful and attractive looking Monsoon tambola ticket for your monsoon theme kitty party. These tambola tickets are for sale and are available for Rs 10 per ticket. Do leave your comment down below in the comment section if you want to buy this tambola ticket.

3. Bollywood Monsoon Songs

This is a paper game for your monsoon theme kitty party. Download the image below and get the printouts according to the number of members in your kitty party. The challenge for the members is to guess the correct songs and film name. The member who gives the maximum number of correct answers will be the winner here.

4. Barsaat Mein

This is a musical game where you need to give the words related to monsoon and the members have to sing the songs with that word in one minute. The team or the member who sings the maximum number of songs will be the winner here.

5. Paper Boat

We used to make the paper boats during the monsoons in our childhood but today’s kids not even know how to make these boats. Let’s relive our childhood in this game. Take a tub of water to your kitty party and the challenge for the members is to make the paper boats and sail them in the water tub. This is a one minute game and the member who makes the maximum number of boats sailing in the water will be the winner.


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